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Ideas for cheap Christmas gifts: Christmas gifts up to PLN 50

prezenty do 50 zł

Adrian Koźlik |

Christmas is a time when we all want to give our loved ones special gifts . Sometimes, however, a limited budget can make this seem impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth! All you need is a bit of creativity and searching to find fantastic gifts that won't hurt your pocket. In this article, we will present ideas for cheap Christmas gifts that can be purchased for a maximum of PLN 50. Regardless of whether you are looking for a gift for family, friends or a child, we have many inspiring suggestions for you.

Gifts up to PLN 50 for adults

gifts up to PLN 50 Christmas gifts for our loved ones can be both cheap and impressive. For as little as PLN 50, we can find suitable gifts for our parents, siblings, colleagues or friends. Among the most interesting gift proposals - up to PLN 50 , we can distinguish:

Cosmetics and care accessories

One of the best ideas for cheap Christmas gifts is the selection of cosmetics and care accessories. Even for a small amount you can find products that will be both practical and pleasant to use. There are Christmas body care sets available on the market that will provide your loved one with moments of relaxation and beautifully scented skin. Another interesting idea is the best-selling mascara, which will make the recipient's eyes look more beautiful and expressive. If you want practical gifts , you can choose a moisturizing lip balm with a champagne scent or a face roller that will take home care to a higher level.


Books are always a good gift idea, regardless of the occasion. In the price range up to PLN 50, you can find many interesting propositions for everyone. If the person you want to give a gift to likes cooking, it is worth considering buying a cookbook. Novels, reports, thrillers and travel books are other great options. To make the gift even more personal, you can attach a beautifully made card with warm words and colorful Christmas ribbons.

Fashionable gadgets and stylish home accessories

If you are looking for a gift for a person who appreciates fashion and style, it is worth considering purchasing fashionable gadgets or stylish home accessories. There are various products available on the market, such as wire baskets, porcelain jugs and soft facial cleansing brushes. When choosing such a gift , pay attention to the taste and preferences of the recipient.

Gifts up to PLN 50 for children

When looking for small Christmas gifts for the little ones, we can reach for:

Creative toys

gifts up to PLN 50 Children love creative toys that develop their imagination and manual skills. You can find many interesting offers in the price range up to PLN 50. Simple but beautifully made family games are a great gift for the whole family. Construction games, art sets with plasticine or series of experiments are other ideas that will provide children with a lot of fun and allow them to develop their passions and interests.

Educational toys

If you want to give your child a gift that will allow him to play and learn at the same time, it is worth considering purchasing educational toys. You can choose a double-sided board with a magnetic part and a chalk drawing part, which develops creativity and writing skills. Colorful puzzles, both traditional and spatial, magnetic or foam, are other interesting propositions. These types of gifts are not only fun, but also stimulate the child's development.

Cheap and effective gifts

When choosing Christmas gifts up to PLN 50, you do not have to give up originality and the pleasure of giving. With just a little ingenuity, you can find fantastic gifts that will please both adults and children. Cosmetics and care accessories, books, fashionable gadgets and creative toys are just some of the many inspiring proposals.

Regardless of the person you want to give a gift to, remember that it is the gesture and the passion for finding the perfect gift that will make Christmas giving even more satisfying!

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