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Portable garden furniture – which one to choose?

przenośne meble ogrodowe

Tomasz Woźniak |

Planning and arranging a garden is a task that requires attention and proper preparation. Among the many elements that influence the appearance and functionality of the garden, garden furniture plays a key role. Choosing the right furniture can create a unique place to rest and relax outdoors. In this article, we will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing garden furniture, what are the popular types of furniture and what materials are most suitable for use in the garden.

Search for furniture that matches the style of your garden

portable garden furniture The first step in choosing garden furniture is to match its style to the character of the garden. There are many different styles that can be used in your garden, such as modern, rustic, Scandinavian and classic. It is important that the furniture harmonizes with the rest of the surroundings and creates a coherent whole. For example, if we have a garden terrace in a modern style, it is worth choosing furniture with simple, geometric shapes and minimalist design. However, wooden furniture will fit perfectly into a rustic garden and will add warmth and natural charm to it.

Resistance to weather conditions

We use garden furniture mainly outdoors, so it is important that it is resistant to weather conditions. Furniture exposed to sun, rain, wind or snow should be made of materials that will not quickly deteriorate. Wood, aluminum and technorattan are popular materials that are resistant to changing weather conditions. Wood may require regular maintenance, but properly protected furniture will last for many years.

Comfort and stability

When choosing garden furniture , remember that it is primarily intended to serve our comfort. Comfortable seats, ergonomic armrests and stable construction are features worth paying attention to. Before purchasing, it is worth testing the furniture to see if it is stable and the seats are comfortable. It is also worth paying attention to the possibility of adjusting the backrest or seat height, which will allow you to adapt the furniture to your individual preferences.

Popular types of garden furniture

There are various types of garden furniture available on the market that can be tailored to your needs and preferences. Here are some popular types of garden furniture:

1. Garden tables and chairs

Garden tables and chairs are an irreplaceable element of garden equipment. They allow you to conveniently eat meals outdoors and organize meetings and parties in the garden. Garden tables and chairs come in various sizes and shapes, so they can be adapted to the available space.

2. Garden loungers

garden deckchair Garden deckchairs are furniture that allows us to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Thanks to the adjustable backrest, we can adjust it to our comfort. Garden loungers are a great choice for sunbathing, reading a book or just spending lazy time outdoors. Additionally, you can create a lounger with your own print that will make your free time more enjoyable

3. Garden swings

Garden swings are a romantic and pleasant way to relax in the garden. Swings can be single or double, with or without cushions. Garden swings are perfect for enjoying alone time or with a loved one.

4. Garden armchairs and sofas

Garden armchairs and sofas are furniture that provide a comfortable place to sit and relax outdoors. They can be made of various materials, such as wood, technorattan or aluminum. Garden armchairs and sofas are an excellent choice for creating relaxation areas in the garden.

5. Garden tables and poufs

Garden tables and pouffes are practical and functional accessories that can be used to complement garden furniture. Garden tables are perfect for placing coffee, tea or snacks while relaxing outdoors. Garden poufs can act as an additional seat or footrest.

Materials for the production of garden furniture

Choosing the right materials is of great importance for the durability and durability of garden furniture. Here are some popular materials used to make garden furniture:

1. Wood

Wood is one of the most popular materials for the production of garden furniture. It is natural, durable and aesthetic. Wooden garden furniture gives the garden a warm and cozy character. However, wood requires regular maintenance and protection against weather conditions.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum garden furniture is light, yet durable and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum does not require maintenance and is easy to clean. Aluminum furniture is often chosen because of its modernity and simplicity.

3. Technorattan

Technorattan is a synthetic material that imitates natural rattan. It is resistant to weather conditions, easy to clean and durable. Technorattan furniture is often chosen because of its elegance and stylish appearance.

4. Plastics

Plastics such as polypropylene or polyrattan are used to produce cheaper garden furniture. They are resistant to weather conditions and easy to clean. Plastic furniture is light and easy to move.

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