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The French government is banning the sale of fruit and vegetables in plastic bags!

Rząd Francji wprowadza zakaz sprzedaży owoców i warzyw w plastikowych torebkach!

Adrian Koźlik |

The government in Paris has initially listed 30 varieties of vegetables and fruits that are categorically prohibited from being sold in disposable plastic bags. The first restrictions apply from January 1! The list will gradually expand to include the publishing industry and fast-food!

The French Ministry of the Environment has stated that the amount of daily use of single-use plastic packaging is outrageous. The act is intended to limit their use and replace them with biodegradable or reusable ones.

“Every day we use an outrageous amount of disposable plastic packaging. The Act on the Circular Economy aims to reduce their consumption and replace them with reusable or recyclable packaging," reads the statement of the Ministry of the Environment.

What products will be banned?

There are already 30 products on the list, including apples, bananas, oranges and eggplants. Research shows that 37 percent of vegetables and fruit are sold in plastic packaging . This has a really bad impact on the environment because plastic takes 100 to 1000 years to decompose. In the initial phase of its decomposition, it turns into the so-called microplastics. It is then eaten by animals and effectively poisons water reservoirs. It is present literally everywhere, from the Arctic to Antarctica. Scientists indicate that they have found traces of microplastics in the deepest places of the ocean and on the top of Mount Everest. It was also detected in animal stomachs, plant tissues and, what is particularly noteworthy, rain! However, the decomposition time of paper packaging lasts from several weeks to a maximum of several months

French MPs who introduced the new regulations assure that this is only the beginning of the changes. They want to remove plastic from everyday life as much as possible. By June 2023, cherry tomatoes, peaches and peas are to be added to the list, and by the end of 2024 also lettuce, asparagus, mushrooms and cherries. However, by the end of 2026, the government plans to add raspberries, strawberries and other delicate berries to the list. Moreover, there are plans to build more drinking water taps to minimize the use of bottled water. Already in 2021, France has introduced a ban on the use of plastic cups, straws, cutlery and Styrofoam takeaway packaging.

What is the situation with foil packaging in Poland?

In September 2019, an additional fee was introduced on traditional "plastic bags". All plastic bags except those for skidding are covered. The Polish Ministry of the Environment boasts that the use of disposable bags has dropped from 300 to 9 on average per capita within a month. He also emphasizes that there is a visible ecological trend in the light of which society is switching to reusable bags . There are currently plans to introduce similar bans as France

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