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Valentine's Day 2024: Why do we celebrate this holiday? Where did it come from?

czemu obchodzimy walentynki

Tomasz Woźniak |

What a magical day, full of hearts, flowers, sweet gestures and romantic moments? Of course, we're talking about Valentine's Day ! Every year, on February 14, couples around the world will celebrate love and spend this special day together. But where did this holiday come from? Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day? In this article, we will explore the history and traditions of this special day.

Origin of Valentine's Day: Saint Valentine and his legend

why we celebrate Valentine's Day To understand the origins of Valentine's Day , we need to go back in time to ancient Rome, where Emperor Claudius II the Gothic reigned. This ruler, fearing that young men would not want to join the army because they had families, banned them from marrying. However, a Roman priest, known as Saint Valentine, did not agree to this ban and secretly married couples in love.

Legend has it that Saint Valentine was a true hero of love. He performed weddings against imperial regulations in order to unite the hearts of lovers. Unfortunately, the emperor found out about his actions and sentenced him to death. Saint Valentine died as a martyr for love and freedom to marry.

Valentine's Day: From ancient times to the present day

After Saint Valentine's death, his name became a symbol of love and devotion. In 469, Pope Gelasius I established February 14 as a day in his memory, which we now celebrate as Valentine's Day. However, the origins of celebrating this holiday date back to the Middle Ages.

In the Middle Ages, nobility at courts sent each other short love letters on February 14. It was a custom of giving each other small gifts and messages of love. It was only in the 18th century that Valentine's Day began to be celebrated in the modern sense of the word. Couples began to give each other flowers, greeting cards and other romantic gifts.

In Poland, the history of Valentine's Day dates back to the 1990s, but Sobótka - a pagan festival of love, fire, water and passion - was celebrated earlier. During Sobótka, people danced, jumped over the fire and threw wreaths into the water.

Valentine's Day customs and traditions

why we celebrate Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is full of different customs and traditions that are still practiced all over the world. Here are some popular Valentine's Day customs:

Valentine's Day cards

Valentine's Day cards are one of the oldest and most popular customs accompanying Valentine's Day. Many people still send each other cards with love wishes on this special day. These cards are often handmade and decorated to express feelings in a unique way.

Gifts for a loved one

Valentine's Day is also a time to give your loved one small gifts. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry and perfumes are just some of the popular gifts that can be given on this day. It is important that the gift is well thought out and reflects our feelings.

Spending time together

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spend time with your loved one. You can decide to have a romantic dinner at a restaurant, go to the cinema, take a walk under the stars or just spend an evening at home, cuddled up together. The idea is for you to enjoy each other and create memories together.

Small gestures of love

Valentine's Day is also a perfect time to show your loved one how much we love them. Little things like writing a romantic letter, preparing breakfast in bed, or unexpected gestures of love can make this day even more special.

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