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Everything you need to know about envelopes. Learn interesting facts

Wszystko, co powinieneś wiedzieć na temat kopert. Poznaj interesujące fakty

Adrian Koźlik |

Everything you need to know about envelopes. Learn interesting facts.

Did you know that... Stamping an envelope with the Queen's head upside down is considered an act of treason. We can use envelopes to enclose anything! From invitations, greeting cards, letters and brochures to checks and catalogues. For this reason, envelopes come in a variety of sizes, styles, and even colors and shades. Take a closer look at them and learn some useful tips.

Envelope styles and sizes.

koperty biurowe Envelopes are an integral part of every office and are of great importance when packing flat items such as important letters or official documents. Envelopes come in many styles and sizes. It is worth knowing all of them to choose the right one.

  • Commercial envelopes.

Commercial envelopes or business envelopes are used for many purposes for business and personal correspondence. They usually consist of diagonal seams and a standard commercial flap, but may have a pointed or square flap.

  • Envelopes for invitations and announcements

Invitation envelopes usually have a pointed flap and diagonal seams, perfect for sending wedding invitations and greetings. They can be richly decorated and closed with a wax seal, and with square flaps they are usually used for sending advertising materials and messages.

  • Catalog envelopes

They are used for heavy loads. They have a wallet flap on one of the shorter sides, which is why they are also called open-end envelopes .

Envelope sizes .

The following are the international standard sizes of the most commonly used envelopes:

  • C6 envelope (11.4 x 16.2 cm): ideal for A6 sheets or small items such as micro SD cards;
  • DL envelope (11 x 22 cm): ideal for sending letters and documents (up to 4 or 5 sheets);
  • C5 envelope (16.2 x 22.9 cm): recommended for greeting cards, invitations or small brochures;
  • C4 envelope (22.9 x 32.4 cm): allows you to send A4 cards without folding them;
  • B4 envelope (35.3 x 25 cm): ideal for documents that cannot be folded, such as certificates or photographic plates;
  • C3 envelope (32.4 x 45.8 cm): large envelope, perfect for posters or CDs.

The group of special envelopes includes: company envelopes, envelopes for greeting cards, square envelopes, gift bags and tied envelopes. Tied envelopes - they are immediately recognizable thanks to the string closure and solid appearance. These envelopes were originally intended as inner mailing envelopes, but are increasingly being used for invitations and mailing campaigns.


koperty papierowe wysyłkowe Depending on the style, each envelope has its own flap. For commercial envelopes, we use commercial and square flaps. Invitations are packed in envelopes with a pointed flap, also known as V-flap. Additionally, the flaps are usually equipped with an adhesive layer.

Rubberized - Wet the adhesive flap and press to seal.

Press Seal - simply fold to the back of the envelope and press to seal.

Peel and Seal - Remove the strip to expose the adhesive and press down on the back of the envelope to seal.

Envelope seams

  • Side seam

Running close to the outer edge of the envelope, square or rectangular flaps form the side seams. Side seams provide a larger printing area.

  • Cross seam

Envelopes with pointed or triangular flaps create diagonal seams on the back of the envelope.

Where to buy office envelopes?

Shipping envelopes can be purchased at various stores and online. It is also possible to reuse paper, cardboard or padded envelopes for shipment, as long as they are in good condition.

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