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What to go shopping with? With a cotton bag, of course.

Z czym na zakupy? Oczywiście z bawełnianą torbą.

Adrian Koźlik |

Nowadays, there is no need to explain to anyone that a fabric cotton shopping bag is not only a fashionable gadget. Using a cotton shopping bag generates savings in the household budget and is also an expression of a pro-ecological attitude, thanks to which we reduce the use of plastic bags. The advantages of a fabric bag are numerous - it is inexpensive, light, reusable, and can be used for several years. Currently, however, great importance is attached to the aesthetics of everyday products, so an additional advantage of eco bags is the fact that they are fashionable, often elegant, and do not cause an unpleasant rustling sound, as is the case with plastic bags.

We can buy a shopping bag made of cotton , put it in our everyday purse or put it in the trunk of the car and use it during everyday shopping. We can also try to buy premium eco bags . Such a bag is made of higher weight fabrics, often has accessories such as a lining, a pocket, a zipper, and is decorated with an original print. We won't be ashamed of wearing such a bag as a classic handbag, on the contrary, it will be an element emphasizing our everyday styling.

Ecology in fashion torba bawełniana na zakupy

Ecological gadgets, including shopping bags made of cotton, are becoming more and more fashionable. They are recommended by bloggers, fashionista bloggers who wear fabric bags with pride as an everyday element of styling, as well as a practical gadget that allows us to eliminate harmful and unsightly plastic bags from our surroundings. The eco-fabric bag became known in the fashion world thanks to Anja Hindmarch, and Karl Lagerfeld also contributed to its popularity on the catwalks, did you know?

A fashionable and stylish piece of clothing for little money

Another significant advantage of fabric bags is their price. Due to the fact that natural cotton raw material - the classic material used in the production of this type of bags - is very cheap, the final price of the product is also not excessive. Many manufacturers also offer the opportunity to personalize your own bag, thanks to which we have the opportunity to create an individual, timeless and unique fabric bag that will not only be a fashionable gadget, but also an element expressing our personality.

A proven supplier of fabric bags

There are many suppliers of cotton bags on the market, but many of them import ready-made printed bags directly from manufacturers in Eastern countries. Allbag has its own sewing rooms in Poland, so it sews products locally in the sewing factory in Wadowice, thus supporting the Polish economy. Their offer also includes imported bags, but this is a wholesale option for grocery chains and customers ordering larger quantities. It should be emphasized that Allbag cooperates only with proven bag suppliers in Eastern countries who care about quality, Fairtrade and work ethics.

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