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Ordinary tree? Or maybe an important symbol of tradition? Find out more about the Christmas tree!

Zwykłe drzewko? A może ważny symbol tradycji? Dowiedz się więcej na temat choinki świątecznej!

Adrian Koźlik |

Did you know that... The most expensive Christmas tree is 2.4 m high, weighs 40 kg and is made entirely of gold! It was made by Japanese jewelers and cost over $4 million!

The Christmas tree is considered by many to be the most important Christmas decoration, and as you can see, there are even people willing to spend large sums of money to celebrate this tradition. Additionally, according to folk beliefs , the Christmas tree is a symbol of life and rebirth. Beautifully decorated, it creates a magical and unique Christmas atmosphere.

The story of a little tree

choinka The first Christmas trees appeared at the end of the 15th century. In 1492, churches in France were decorated with them, and then this custom spread throughout Europe. In Poland, fir, pine, spruce and even mistletoe branches were used to decorate houses. It was believed that the "topping out" (as this was the name of the branches preceding the Christmas tree ) protects the house against evil powers and charms.

The Christmas tree as a Christmas tree appeared in Poland only during the partitions. At first, they were decorated with apples, gingerbread and nuts, and over time they began to decorate it with handmade decorations, colorful feathers and candles.

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A creation for your Christmas tree! That is, what decorations to choose.

In each house, the Christmas tree has its own unique and original appearance. We decorate them according to our preferences, lavishly or modestly. No matter what aesthetic you choose, the mere presence of a Christmas tree with gifts guarantees a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Nevertheless, decorating the Christmas tree is a joyful process in which all household members willingly participate.

Are you wondering what style to decorate your Christmas tree this year? Here are some inspirations that may help you make decisions.

  • Eco Christmas tree.

Do you care about our planet and you hate plastic decorations that break down after some time? The eco Christmas tree style is created for you, use old paper bags to create decorations or wood to add a unique rustic atmosphere to your Christmas tree !

  • Color-matched Christmas tree.

Do you love the color red? Why not decorate your Christmas tree in a monochromatic style? Combine different shades of your favorite color with the green of the tree and enjoy the effect you get.

  • DIY Christmas tree

If your hobby is making your own decorations, choose the DIY Christmas tree style, i.e. decorated entirely only with decorations you created yourself! Colorful paper chains or maybe intricately decorated baubles? Use your creativity and create original Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree!

Use the full potential of your Christmas tree - even after the holidays!

choinka świąteczna This year you decided to have a real Christmas tree in a pot, but would you like to keep it for next year? Put it in your garden!

After removing the decorations, place the Christmas tree in a room as bright and cool as possible. Water it regularly until spring, and after the ground has thawed, dig a hole twice the width of the pot and as deep as its height, then bury it thoroughly and press down the soil.

Finally, water the tree. Now you know everything about decorating a Christmas tree and its interesting history. It is an important element that blends in with other Christmas decorations.

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