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Pencil cases

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A pencil case is an essential tool for every student. This extremely useful element of school equipment allows you to segregate the necessary geometric devices, pens, pencils and markers.

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Pencil cases

A pencil case is an essential accessory for a school backpack

It will also work well for storing other small elements of the school layette.

pEspecially younger children pay great attention to the type of pencil case and its appearance. We offer strong pencils with any print that your child will surely like and will make learning more enjoyable and effective.

Our offer also includes strong pencil cases in subdued colors, which will certainly appeal to older children. The strong strong pencil cases we offer do not have any equipment, which allows us to fully personalize its contents, making it one of a kind.

Which pencil case to choose

What should the right pencil case for your child have? The child reaches for the pencil case many times during the day. There are all the necessary items to facilitate effective learning. So the first and basic feature that a pencil case should have is its durability.

The number of school supplies chosen by children is huge, so it is important that when choosing a school pencil case, we also take into account its capacity. It is also worth checking what material the pencil case is made of and whether it is resistant to abrasion or stretching. Another important aspect is the high-quality zipper, which will ensure a long period of use.

The strong strong pencil cases we offer contain all the above-mentioned features and are also made of environmentally friendly material, which will help build your child's awareness of environmental protection. They are also very practical to use, they do not take up much space in the backpack and are extremely light.

Creative design

For each pencil case we offer, we offer the option of personalization. This allows you to customize the appearance of the pencil case especially for your child. Prints are made using screen printing, flexo printing and digital printing. These techniques are characterized by extraordinary durability and resistance to external factors. It is also possible to use computer embroidery, which will make the pencil case unique and give it a very original look. We are open to our customers' needs, which is why we tailor the personalization technique individually.

The material from which the pencil case is made can also be painted. Just buy it in a set with fabric markers and your child can draw whatever they want on it. This is great creative fun that promotes your child's development. However, if you decide to personalize the pencil case by printing after sending graphics or text, you will receive the developed visualization from us completely free of charge! You can also count on our help with graphical problems.

A pencil case as an effective advertisement

The pencil case can also be used as an interesting advertisement for educational enterprises. Thanks to the possibility of personalizing the pencil case, you can present your company in an interesting way during educational fairs and give it as a small gift to potential students. This approach can significantly increase interest in your offer and help build relationships with potential students.

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