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Cotton ecological bags – production process, from idea to implementation

Bawełniane torby ekologiczne – proces produkcji, od pomysłu do realizacji

Adrian Koźlik |

Ecological cotton bags production process

torba bawełniana Allbag's flagship products are cotton bags and sewn products. The basic model of cotton bags, the most popular in our offer, is the London model. It has dimensions of 38x42 cm and is made of natural cotton. This is the most economical and most frequently chosen model of fabric bags by our customers. We always sew our bags from natural materials - raw cotton and dyed cotton, which does not contain other materials such as polyester, elastane, viscose, etc. Thanks to this, we produce completely ecological bags, made of 100% natural materials. We have standard cotton bags in three weights - the budget, economic model is made of 140g. It is a thin fabric of very good quality, and bags made of this fabric will serve customers for a long time. Fabrics with a grammage of 220 and 280 are chosen by customers who have a higher budget and want to implement a premium version. Ecological bags made of fabrics with a higher grammage look better, are more durable, more durable, and, what is very important, can be washed. Cotton bags made of raw material with a lower grammage, i.e. 140g, cannot be washed because they shrink as a result of contact with water and detergents.

Made-to-measure eco-cotton bags

Due to the market demand for ecological gadgets, we have expanded the activities of our sewing shop to include products sewn according to customer specifications. We offer making a prototype of an ecological bag , creating a production cost estimate, selecting semi-finished products, and packaging the finished product according to customer needs. Non-standard ecological bags made to the dimensions specified by the buyer are very popular among customers. If a customer wants to order a cotton bag sewn according to his own design, he should specify the specification, i.e. provide the desired size, color, weight, length and width of the handles, and finish. At the customer's request, we can use semi-finished products such as: handles made of webbing tape, eco-leather, cotton rope, sew in a label with the customer's logo, equip the bag with a pocket, zipper, Velcro or snap closure, add a pillowcase or make other additional elements according to preferences.

Ecological gadgets are a top advertising product

In addition to ecological, tailor-made bags , we offer our customers the opportunity to sew products such as fanny packs, fanny packs, zero waste bags, cotton backpacks, cosmetic bags and many other products. More and more customers pay attention to the nature of the product they offer in their stores or give as a gift to their customers. Now it is very important that the gadget is ecological, i.e. made of natural materials, and that it can be used multiple times. By using reusable bags and zero waste bags for food and food products, we contribute to reducing waste production, reduce the demand for plastic bags, and thus contribute to less waste generated from products such as plastic bags, packaging of vegetables and fruits, etc.

A conscious consumer chooses ecological solutions torba ekologiczna

Price used to be the main determinant when purchasing advertising materials and product packaging. Today, price, although still important, is not the main factor influencing the decision to purchase a specific product. More and more customers also take into account other factors such as product quality, finishing, materials used for the product, and even the production process itself and ethics - i.e. whether employees working in production are fairly remunerated for their work or in the production process. no children are involved, whether the materials used in production have quality certificates, etc.

At Allbag, we make sure that the production process of cotton bags and ecological gadgets is consistent with customer requirements, that the price goes hand in hand with quality, and only the best quality materials are used for production. When purchasing semi-finished products, we always compare different offers, we look for materials on our own, we do not use the services of intermediaries, thanks to which we are able to reduce the costs of purchasing materials necessary for production without losing quality.

We buy the cotton necessary for the production of cotton bags directly from farmers in India, we bypass intermediaries, so we are able to negotiate better prices, but also offer a better price to a farmer who would earn much less by using the services of a sales intermediary. Thanks to such activities, we contribute to the idea of ​​fair trade and also receive a good quality product at the lowest possible price, without causing the manufacturer in India to lose money.

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