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The history of the production of advertising bags in Allbag

Historia produkcji toreb reklamowych w Allbag

Adrian Koźlik |

We have been producing advertising bags since 2007. Initially, we introduced printing on ready-made paper bags for small quantities. It was a hit because there were no producers on the market offering small quantities. Bag companies offered execution for larger quantities, usually the logistic minimum was 500-1000 pieces. This was explained by the high costs of preparing screen printing matrices, which are spread over the entire order and are profitable for larger quantities.

The fact is that printing ready-made bags using screen printing requires the preparation of matrices, but there were many customers who were ready to bear these costs even with smaller quantities, because they did not need larger quantities of bags, did not want to invest a lot of money in packaging, and were just starting business and minimized costs.

There are many customers who want to buy printed promotional bags in smaller quantities. The first customers ordered small quantities of 50-100 pieces. Over time, as their businesses developed, the demand also increased, and we received larger orders. Additionally, small advertising and positive opinions spread by word of mouth meant that we recorded significant sales increases.

Ecological bags in the European Union torebki ekologiczne

The following years brought new restrictions on the sale of plastic bags, the European Union imposed on individual countries the need to introduce restrictions on waste production. The sale of plastic bags was in question, and we were still receiving more orders and customers wanting to exchange plastic bags for aesthetic ecological bags. Interest in printed paper bags has increased significantly. We have also introduced more and more models of paper bags in new colors, sizes and types. More and more companies looking for ecological bags in a prestigious version contacted us - especially for such customers, we introduced paper bags with string handles and laminated bags to our offer.

Cotton bags are Allbag's flagship product torby bawełniane

Over time, consumer awareness of the importance of using ecological bags has increased. Interest in durable ecological bags, mainly cotton ones, has definitely increased. We imported the first cotton bags from India. It quickly turned out that the market demand for ecological cotton bags was very high. Their success is mainly due to durability and strength. Cotton bags are still very popular among the food industry and among organizers of events and mass events. They are also eagerly ordered by clothing stores, bloggers and fashionistas. Cotton bags have a wide range of uses and over the years have become not only a useful and ecological item, but also a fashion gadget. The group of fans of eco bags is constantly growing, the bag itself is undergoing a kind of evolution. As a manufacturer, we constantly change individual elements to acquire new customers and inspire current ones to buy a fashionable eco gadget with which you can express yourself.

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