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Travel agency - which one to choose? What should you follow? We give you a hint!

Biuro podróży - jakie wybrać? Czym się kierować? Podpowiadamy!

Tomasz Woźniak |

Planning a holiday trip is an exciting but demanding task. The key decision is choosing the right travel agency , which determines the success of the entire trip. In the article, we will discuss which travel agency to choose, what to pay attention to when assessing the quality of services and the attractiveness of offers, and present a ranking of the leading travel agencies in Poland. We will also compare the advantages and disadvantages of organizing the trip yourself.

What should you consider when choosing a travel agency ?

Legality of activity and financial security

The basis is to check whether the selected travel agency operates legally and has appropriate security in the event of insolvency. You can verify this in the Central Register of Tour Operators and Tourist Agents. Also make sure whether the company is a member of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, which proves its credibility.

Reputation and customer opinions

Asking the opinion of people who have already used the services of a given travel agency is an invaluable source of information. Check comments on the Internet, on forums and ask for references from friends. Positive opinions are a good sign that the office provides high quality service and customer satisfaction.

Tailoring the offer to your needs

Carefully analyze the travel agency's offer in terms of your preferences and needs. Pay attention to the variety of proposed destinations, attractions and additional services, such as transfers, insurance or resident care.

Which travel agency should I choose ? Ranking of the best travel agencies in Poland


Wakacje.pl is one of the most renowned travel agencies in Poland, operating on the market since 1999. The company specializes in offering attractive and favorable holiday offers. It is distinguished by a wide selection of trips, an intuitive Customer Panel and a price guarantee. The downside may be poorer communication with residents.


TUI Poland is part of the international tourism concern TUI, which enjoys great customer trust. The office offers high quality services, a wide selection of travel destinations and competitive air ticket prices. It also has its own hotels, which is an additional advantage. The downside may be incompetent staff and differences in online and stationary prices.


Itaka is a Polish travel agency with a long tradition, operating since 1989. The company stands out for its diversity of offers, including a wide selection of last minute trips and proposals for winter sports enthusiasts. The advantages include attractive last minute offers, while the disadvantages may be transfer problems and inadequately trained residents.


Rainbow is another Polish travel agency , existing on the market since 1990. It specializes in selling its own tours and offers of other tour operators, including: sightseeing trips, sightseeing holidays and recreation. The advantages include very diverse offers, while the disadvantages may be difficult contact with the office and unexpected changes in reservations.

Organizing the trip yourself - advantages and disadvantages


- Full freedom in planning,
- Possibility of financial savings,
- Flexibility during the trip.


- More organizational responsibilities,
- Lack of resident care,
- Lack of financial security in case of problems.

Steps to make the right decision

  1. Determine your preferences and budget - think about the type of rest and set a budget.
  2. Analyze the offers of various travel agencies - check the destinations, standard of services and customer opinions.
  3. Compare offers in terms of price and attractiveness - pay attention to the value for money.
  4. Contact the office and ask questions - clarify your doubts and assess the level of service.
  5. Analyze the terms of the contract - make sure the contract contains all the important elements.

Popular travel destinations organized by travel agencies

  1. Tours around Europe - learning about cultural and architectural diversity.
  2. Relaxation by the sea - classic relaxation on sun loungers with the all-inclusive option.
  3. Exotic adventures - unique experiences in distant corners of the world.
  4. Active recreation in the mountains - hiking, climbing, skiing.
  5. Occasional and thematic events - trips to celebrate various holidays and events.


Choosing the right travel agency is a key decision that determines the success of your trip. Regardless of whether you are planning an individual trip, a school trip, a company trip, a trip for disabled people, seniors, a family or a couple, it is worth paying attention to several key factors.

First of all, make sure that the travel agency operates legally, has appropriate financial security and enjoys good customer reviews. Also analyze the offer in terms of whether it suits your needs, price attractiveness and scope of services.

Don't forget about aspects such as the office's experience in organizing trips, knowledge of local realities, availability and competence of residents, and flexibility in the event of changes.

Taking time to thoroughly research the market and choosing the right travel agency will result in a successful and safe trip full of unforgettable experiences. Remember that this is your partner in organizing the trip, so it is worth investing in this decision. We wish you a successful holiday full of rest and relaxation on deckchairs and hammocks !

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