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Where at the Polish seaside to rent deck chairs? Map of places by the Baltic Sea

Gdzie nad polskim morzem wynająć leżaki? Mapa miejsc nad Bałtykiem

Tomasz Woźniak |

Summer days at the Polish seaside are a real feast for the senses - the sound of the waves, the gentle breeze and the warm rays of the sun create an unforgettable mood of relaxation and pleasure. One of the key elements of this seaside experience are comfortable wooden deck chairs, which allow us to fully immerse ourselves in blissful relaxation. However, choosing the right place to rent this practical beach furniture can be quite a challenge. In this article, we will discover the most attractive and available options on Tri-City beaches, so you can enjoy a sunny holiday without unnecessary complications.

Sun loungers in seaside bars and restaurants

One of the most popular and convenient options for renting sun loungers are undoubtedly seaside bars and restaurants. Located right on the beach, they offer not only delicious snacks and drinks, but also the opportunity to use their intimate relaxation areas equipped with comfortable deck chairs, swings and couches. Importantly, you don't have to be a guest of the establishment in question to be able to rent a wooden deckchair - in most cases, this is a service available to anyone willing to use it.

Bar41 in Gdansk Brzeźno

One such place is Bar41 in Gdansk Brzeźno, which has an extremely pleasant lounge area overlooking the sea. Here you can enjoy lounging in intimate lodges or on comfortable recliners in the chillout area, and the whole thing costs just $30 apiece.

Sand and Water in Jelitkowo

A similar offer can be found at the Piach i Woda bar in Jelitkowo. It's a unique place combining modernity with a boho vibe, where, in addition to catering activities, beach parties, yoga classes and movie screenings are organized on the Polish seaside. Here you'll pay PLN 20 to rent a wooden deck chair, and PLN 30 for a more comfortable beach bed.

M15 in Sopot

Another restaurant with an extensive beach service offer is M15 in Sopot. In addition to a dedicated area with loungers and tables for guests, you can also rent typical beach chairs for 40 zloty apiece, or use a set including two loungers and an umbrella for 80 zloty. For more discerning guests, luxurious beach beds are also available for PLN 150.

Other suggestions

Other seaside establishments offering deckchair rentals include On the Wave, which provides them free of charge for its guests, and No33 di Vinegre, where prices range from PLN 20 for classic wooden deckchairs, to PLN 45 for plastic beds, to PLN 150 for an area with an umbrella and two deckchairs. Small Pier, on the other hand, offers to rent two deckchairs with an umbrella for PLN 70 or a single wooden deckchair for PLN 30.

Sun loungers at seaside hotels

In addition to bars and restaurants, beach chairs are also provided by some seaside hotels. One of them is the Sheraton Sopot Hotel, where you will pay 120 zlotys for renting one deckchair, two - 200 zlotys, and four - 340 zlotys. Loungers can be rented directly on the hotel beach, and there is a bar serving drinks, champagne and snacks nearby.

Small beach rentals

In addition to large seaside establishments, we can also come across smaller rental shops on the beaches offering wooden deck chairs. Prices are usually on a similar level - in Brzeźno we'll pay 25 zlotys for an all-day deckchair rental, and additionally we can rent a screen for 20 zlotys.

Traditional beach chairs in Sopot

Sopot beachgoers have at their disposal not only deck chairs, but also unique rattan beach chairs, which not only provide comfortable rest, but also protect from the sun and wind. These handcrafted furniture made of natural material resemble those that graced Sopot's beaches in the early 20th century. Rental of these charming baskets is located at the beach entrance No. 23, and the cost of rental is PLN 10 per hour or PLN 47 for the whole day. Sopot Card holders can take advantage of a promotion - 5 zloty per hour or 30 zloty per day.


In summary, the cost of renting a wooden deckchair on Tri-City beaches usually ranges from PLN 20 to PLN 150, depending on the location, type of furniture and additional amenities. The cheapest options can be found in smaller rental shops, where a deckchair costs PLN 25 at the Polish seaside. In seaside restaurants and hotels, on the other hand, prices are slightly higher, but in return you get access to full dining and recreational facilities. For the most demanding guests, exclusive beach beds are also available, with prices reaching up to PLN 150.

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