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Burberry gives up plastic bags

Burberyy rezygnuje z foliówek

Adrian Koźlik |

The famous Burberry brand gives up plastic bags and chooses environmentally friendly bags!

In recent years, the Burberry brand caused a loud scandal by burning its own unsold clothing collections worth PLN 38 million. Burberry adheres to the principle of limited supply of the product on the market. According to the brand, such activities have a huge impact on the creation of the product as a luxury by limiting its availability for the consumer. This is one of the reasons why the brand does not recognize markdowns, sales and reductions in collections, which was the reason why clothing of such great value was burned. This was met with huge criticism from environmental organizations, Internet users and the brand's customers themselves, so the company decided to stop burning its own clothing and recycle it to Elvis & Kresse.

Changing attitude, creating a new image

Although in previous years maka did not bother to act pro-ecologically and pro-socially, this year everything changed. A decision was made to phase out plastic and artificial items such as bags, hangers and clothing covers and introduce their biodegradable or natural equivalents. So far, the brand has stopped laminating bags and using plastic covers for clothes, which has translated into a reduction in plastic consumption by as much as 29 tons! Instead of using laminated bags to pack its own products, the ey brand chose a version without laminate, made of paper, an ecological paper bag . Burberry also abandoned the presence of natural fur in its collections. The brand made the above decisions after cooperating with the Ellen McArthur Foundation, which helps brands introduce ecological solutions.

Good example

We hope that other brands will follow Burberry's example and will also implement pro-ecological solutions and natural substitutes in their own organizations. It is also worth emphasizing that the example set by global brands is of great importance for smaller entrepreneurs and chain stores that are inspired by the example coming from above. The mere abandonment of laminate-coated bags is a decision that has a huge impact on the natural environment, if it is made by such a huge organization operating on a global scale.

Changing general habits

However, you don't have to be a top brand to contribute to change. Let us remember that even small decisions have a huge impact on the whole world if each of us changes something in our daily activities and habits. For example, we can try, like Burberry, to limit the presence of plastic bags on the market and buy a reusable ecological bag . By stopping the use of plastic bags, we will reduce the amount of this waste by several dozen pieces in just one month, and remember that these are individual actions! We can even refuse to pack purchased goods in a plastic bag in clothing stores, even though it is free of charge, and thus encourage store owners to change their habits and introduce ecological paper bags into their offer. Investing in a reusable eco bag will also bring savings to our household budget, because we will not be forced to constantly pay for unsightly plastic bags that are actually garbage.

Fashion for being eco

The actions of Burberry and other top brands actually set trends for the entire world. Nowadays, being eco-friendly has become fashionable and more and more people are trying to change their habits to ecological ones. It is also fashionable to use eco bags , which in the fashion world are known as green bags , and thanks to the popular designer Anja Hindmarch and the late Karl Lagenfeld, eco bags have become famous all over the world and desired by everyone.

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