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What to buy for adult children for Children's Day? Check it out now!

Co kupić na dzień dziecka dorosłym dzieciom? Sprawdź już teraz!

Adrian Koźlik |

Do you know that...

The first recorded celebration of Children's Day in Poland dates back to 1929? At that time, this holiday was associated with the Catholic Church. In the morning, before school, children and parents met for mass, and after it everyone went to schools, where there were performances and loose, rather joking lessons in the presence of parents.

Children's Day is a holiday associated primarily with gifts for the youngest. However, gifts are increasingly often given to adult children, i.e. people who have long passed school age. Therefore, it is worth considering what to buy for Children's Day for adult children to make them happy.

Technology gadgets

prezenty na dzień dziecka

Nowadays, there is probably no person who does not use electronic devices. Therefore, a technological gadget may be a good gift idea for adult children. It may be, for example, a modern smartphone, tablet or laptop. However, if you do not want to spend a fortune on such devices, it is worth considering other gadgets, such as a smartwatch or a wireless speaker.


Books are always a good gift idea, especially if the recipient likes to read. It is worth considering bestsellers that are popular among adults.

Board game

There's nothing better than spending time with your siblings or friends with a good game. Therefore, a board game may be a good gift idea for adult children. Popular titles include, for example, "Dixit" and "Azul".

Voucher for a trip or restaurant

If you want to do something more than just give a material gift, it is worth considering a voucher for a trip or a restaurant. Thanks to this, the recipient will have the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones, which will certainly bring them a lot of joy.


If the recipient has any interests, it is worth considering a hobby set. It may be a set for making jewelry, paints, or a set for baking cookies.

Personalized gifts

Often the best gift is one that is unique and personalized. Therefore, it is worth considering gifts that can be personalized, such as mugs with a print, pillows with a name, or key chains with a photo. Such a gift will certainly be popular and will be remembered for a long time.

Course or training

prezenty na dzień dziecka If the recipient likes to develop and acquire new skills, it is worth considering purchasing a course or training that will help him or her acquire new competences. It may be a language course, culinary training or a dance course.

Sports gadgets

If the recipient is physically active and likes to do sports, it is worth considering sports gadgets, such as a modern smartwatch with a physical activity monitoring function, or home exercise equipment, such as a fitness ball or dumbbells.

Subscription to a streaming service

If the recipient likes watching movies and series, a subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix or HBO GO may be a good gift idea. Thanks to this, the recipient will have access to a wide range of films and series, which will certainly bring him or her a lot of joy.

Gadgets for the home

If the recipient likes spending time at home, home gadgets, such as a modern robot vacuum cleaner or a barista-style coffee making device, may be a good gift idea. Thanks to this, the recipient will be able to enjoy comfort and convenience in their home.

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