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What to buy for Teacher's Day 2022? Get to know interesting ideas

Co kupić na dzień nauczyciela 2022? Poznaj ciekawe pomysły

Adrian Koźlik |

Do you know that...

In 2012, Wanda Donarska celebrated her 100th birthday, although she had been retired for a long time, she celebrated her jubilee in a unique way, namely by being invited as a teacher's day gift to lead an extraordinary lesson dzien nauczyciela history at school in Czerników, where she passed on knowledge to generations for years. Students and graduates of the school, taught by a hundred-year-old teacher, appeared on the benches.

Teacher's Day is just around the corner, and many of us are wondering how to celebrate the work of exceptional members of education. How can we properly thank them for the effort they put into our education?

The story of this beautiful day

It all started in 1773, when the education establishment established by the Partition Sejm created a modern organizational structure of education, implementing elementary schools, junior high schools and universities.

On April 27, 1972, when the act called the Charter of Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities was introduced, Teachers' Day was established. This date commemorates the anniversary of the establishment of the National Education Commission, which was established on the initiative of King Stanisław II August Poniatowski in 1773. For many years, students around the world have been wondering what gift to give to their teachers. We present some of our proposals.

How to reward the effort of teaching? Get to know proven gifts for Teacher's Day

A gift given from the sincere heart is very powerful. So what to give as a gift for Teacher's Day?

prezent na dzień nauczyciela

  • Cotton bag with print

Very often we see teachers carrying large piles of papers and materials prepared to conduct lessons in an interesting way. It will be a good idea to equip them with comfortable printed cotton bags that will help with more convenient transport. It will be a perfect gift for children's Teacher's Day .

  • Apron

The apron will be a suitable gift for kindergarten teacher's day . He will take care of your clothes while doing art work. To add originality, it can be personalized according to the teacher's character.

  • Pen with engraving

A gift for a math teacher's day is quite a challenge. Therefore, it is worth approaching him with humor and giving him a pen that will be used to write only positive evaluations.

An original gift - do it yourself!

Are you looking for a handmade gift for a teacher? Or maybe you are looking for a unique Teacher's Day gift for an educator? Here are some ideas.

  • Gift box

Create your own gift box filled with coffee, your favorite cookie, different types of honey and a personalized mug. It will definitely put a smile on the teacher's face and make him feel special and appreciated.

  • Flowers in a paper bag

Use an ecological solution to pack flowers as a teacher's day gift in a unique way and make it easier for him to carry gifts. Put the flowers in a decorative paper bag to make them look aesthetically pleasing, you can place a floral sponge at the bottom of the bag, it will help the flowers stay in one place

How is the day celebrated elsewhere in the world? dzień nauczyciela

Often, the date of Teacher's Day in the world is associated with the life of an important figure related to education. In Lithuania, it is October 5, this day is a day off for teachers, and the celebrations begin on the eve of the holiday, when older students conduct lessons for younger ones, passing on their knowledge.

In Thailand, Teacher's Day is celebrated on January 16. Many grand ceremonies take place on this day. Students fall at the feet of their teachers and give them small wreaths as gifts on Teacher's Day . Let's appreciate our educators with modest gifts, they deserve a reward for struggling with us and our children.

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