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What does Zero Waste mean?

Co oznacza Zero Waste?

Adrian Koźlik |

What is Zero waste? Where did this statement come from and what does it actually mean? Zero waste literally means "no garbage", "no littering". This broad concept means eliminating various activities and elements in order to improve the quality of life and appearance of our planet, and most importantly, its condition. The term zero waste is not just a statement, but a lifestyle.

Zero waste aims to reduce or completely eliminate the release of environmentally harmful substances into the land, water and air. Such substances can be extremely dangerous not only for plants and animals, but also for each of us. They lead to rapid climate changes, causing numerous disasters. Increased average temperature, increased hurricanes, earthquakes, seasonal disturbances... Sound familiar? It's hard not to notice because it's happening NOW before our eyes. Therefore, it is worth each of us answering the question... How can I contribute to changing the current state? The perfect answer to this question is a zero-waste lifestyle. How to lead such a life? Here are some basic rules... Torby materiałowe zero waste

Zero waste lifestyle

Zero waste has 5 rules, the so-called 5R: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

  • Refuse things you don't need
  • limit (reduce) the things that you need (and that you cannot refuse),
  • reuse what you use (and what you cannot refuse or limit),
  • recycle everything you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse,
  • compost (rot) all the rest.

The zero waste rule involves using ecological processes, switching from plastic bags to cotton or paper ones, and using ecological packaging that can later be recycled.

Zero Waste also involves collecting vegetable and fruit waste, which can be used for compost, a natural fertilizer for plants. Stock up only on what you need and can be reused over and over again

Less Waste

Zero waste also includes the concept of "Less waste" , a lifestyle that is characterized by less waste production and limiting consumption to a minimum. Living this way means changing your habits to waste less and less and buy only what you really need, without unnecessary products. Sometimes this is related to the principle of buy more, but of lower quality. We use all kinds of second-hand shops, fairs and online exchanges.

How to start living according to Zero waste principles?

  • Minimize the amount of plastic used and waste produced.
  • Use reusable cotton bags, nets for vegetables and fruits instead of disposable bags and pouches.
  • Choose jars instead of plastic containers, which can also be used many times.
  • Get a water filter so you can drink tap water instead of buying liters of water in plastic bottles.
  • Get rid of things you don't use or wear, donate them to charity or post them on OLX or Facebook.
  • Make a shopping list before going to the store, so you can buy only the most necessary things.
  • Replace disposable tissues, napkins, and shopping bags with reusable items.
  • Compost waste from vegetables, fruit and drinks.

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