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How to live more ecologically in 2021? Get to know some interesting ideas

Jak żyć bardziej ekologicznie w 2021? Poznaj kilka ciekawych pomysłów

Adrian Koźlik |

2020 was a very hard year for all of us, the pandemic is constantly changing our habits and the way we approach life. The most common topic of last year is the situation in the world related to diseases and restrictions, which is why people often forget about other problems of everyday life that also concern us. An example is environmental protection. The climate changes that occurred during the pandemic in many countries will certainly improve air quality by limiting transport and limiting industrial production. Unfortunately, there is also a flip side - we can increasingly see large amounts of medical waste such as masks and disposable gloves. Problems related to the financial crisis also force companies to give up investing in, among others, renewable energy. Does the pandemic have a good impact on the environment? In fact, we may only feel the effects in a few years, but the most important thing is to take a deeper interest now in how we can live ecologically in order to prevent an ecological catastrophe while taking care of the planet and our health.

Ways to live ecologically


The first, one of the most important methods known to us for a long time, is sorting waste and avoiding plastic, which may be difficult in times of pandemic, because online sales have developed significantly, which means that more and more unnecessary packaging is produced. It is therefore important to choose companies that try to live in the spirit of zero waste, choosing ecological packaging that does not have a negative impact on our planet.


Of course, saving water is equally important; one way is to invest in a dishwasher, use a shower instead of a bathtub, and turn off the water immediately after washing. We can also invest in Eco tanks that recover rainwater, which then transport the purified water to the cistern or washing machine.

  • CHOOSE RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES Ecological energy sources

Another quite popular option that has a positive impact on the environment and air quality is the use of a renewable energy source produced by e.g. photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into electricity, specialists estimate that such an investment can pay off after a few years, so it's a combination of pleasure and benefits. !


We can also help with gadgets, especially eco ones, because who doesn't like gadgets?! These include, among others: solar power banks that are useful when traveling, LED lamps that will easily diversify our space or motion sensors for light bulbs that will limit the lighting time to a minimum.


Another growing problem in the world is excessive consumerism, which promotes excessive production, which causes environmental degradation. The desire to have material goods that we do not need due to our fast lifestyle have negative consequences not only for our wallet but also for the environment. Maybe sometimes it's worth stopping and wondering what we can do to make our lives better? Let us also remember that nature is our home and we should not litter it, so let's throw waste into the bin! Did you know that aluminum can take 400 years to decompose and plastic can take up to 1,000 years? Let's remember about nature not only on its holiday, sometimes it's worth going for a walk and cleaning up the garbage.


It is also good to support environmental protection organizations, one of such organizations is the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), which collects money necessary to protect the environment and performs various research and promotes education. From the very beginning, our company has been trying to live in harmony with nature, we produce ecological printed paper or fabric bags. The above are just a few suggestions for environmental protection, there are of course many more, but remember, we can also do a lot with small actions!

Ecological trend - environmental protection and global brands

More and more brands are starting to take steps in the fight to reduce pollution. One of McDonald's ideas is to introduce packaging only from recycled material ; together with Starbucks, they have undertaken an initiative to develop a new type of cup that will be entirely recyclable. The Burberry brand came up with another initiative and completely abandoned the production of natural fur. They also decided to completely replace hangers, packaging and plastic bags with more ecological ones by 2025. It is worth mentioning Adidas, which has also declared that by 2024 the shoes sold will be made of plastic extracted from the ocean. Grocery stores such as Kaufland have ditched microplastics in chemical products, offering only eco-friendly bags and taking all measures to prevent food waste. It is very encouraging that more and more companies are joining together to fight for the good of the planet

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