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Can a shopping bag be a good advertising medium?

Czy torba na zakupy w może być dobrym środkiem reklamy?

Adrian Koźlik |

Can a shopping bag be a good advertising medium?

Paper and cotton bags are becoming more and more popular. Many people can no longer imagine shopping with harmful plastic bags. It is ecological bags that have become an ideal alternative to traditional "plastic bags". Choosing ecological bags is not only a way to relieve the burden on our planet, but it is also a very interesting marketing tool. "Can an ordinary shopping bag become a creative means of advertising?" The answer is very simple, of course it is!

Nowadays, it is very difficult to create a product advertisement that will attract the recipient's attention, at least for a moment. We are bombarded from every side with hundreds of information, stimuli, colorful advertisements and billboards. Only a small percentage of what we see penetrates the threshold of our subconscious. We only remember what stands out, we simply forget about the rest. Creative agencies work hard to create the perfect advertisement that will delight the recipient. Very often they succeed, but the costs of such advertising are huge! How can smaller companies advertise their company/product without generating such high costs? The answer is very simple - using good quality advertising bags with a logo print. Torba reklamowa z nadrukiem

Why promotional bags?

A paper bag or a cotton bag is an excellent advertising medium because it also serves a functional purpose. It is a product that passes from hand to hand. Research shows that users of 63% of advertising products, such as paper bags, cotton bags, gadgets with prints, pass them on to other people. This means that such people become ambassadors of a brand without even knowing it!

It is very easy to find good quality advertising products with a logo on the market, including eco paper bags, laminated paper bags and cotton bags. A wide selection of products and a surprisingly low price allow you to create something cheap but original that will remind you of your product/company for a long time.

Promotional products? Why not!

Many people decide to take part in promotional campaigns that build a positive image of the company and attract the attention of customers. A small item given to a customer for free, e.g. a cotton bag with handles, is considered an act of great kindness. It is a form of thanks for your loyalty and choosing products of a given brand, which can make a lot of difference. Why are promotional products so popular?

Because audiences/consumers have learned to ignore most forms of advertising, and physical possession of a product outweighs the impact of television or Internet advertising. Moreover, reusable products are highly appreciated by consumers, thanks to such measures, your company will enjoy a positive opinion and will gain an advantage over the competition! According to ASI's analysis, consumers use such gadgets for about 8 months. This means that your ad will be 'shown' to someone longer than a regular PPC ad or a pop-up on a website. Surprised? :)

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