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5 basic advantages of using paper bags

5 podstawowych zalet korzystania z toreb papierowych

Adrian Koźlik |

Learn the 5 basic advantages of using paper bags

Nowadays, when shopping in a supermarket, we hear the question from the seller: "Plastic or paper bag?" More and more often, we choose this ecological option without hesitation, and that is, of course, a paper bag. This is due to increased awareness of environmental protection and the harmfulness of plastic packaging. Instead of oceans full of life, we increasingly see terrifying photos, tons of plastic that fill them to the brim. We are therefore aware that the seemingly prosaic choice of a paper bag instead of a traditional "plastic bag" can really improve the condition of our planet. However, if you are not convinced whether choosing paper bags makes sense, after reading the points below, all your doubts will be forgotten.

1. Paper is biodegradable.

There is a reason why this advantage was listed first. Biodegradability is the main advantage of paper bags. In this comparison, plastic is very unfavorable. According to the latest reports, this material is not biodegradable and the process of its complete destruction takes at least 500 years. This time definitely exceeds the length of our lives, so it is worth choosing products made of "Eco friendly" materials for future generations. In comparison, paper biodegrades in less than half a year, and what is important, this waste does not damage the soil structure but changes it into venous substrate for plants.

2. Paper bags are intended for repeated use. torby papierowe z własnym nadrukiem

At a time when environmental pollution is increasing alarmingly. Ecologists are warning about its negative effects, which are radically changing life as we know it. Numerous weather anomalies are our planet's response to the increase in pollution. So, in order to save nature, more and more manufacturers are appearing on the market who offer shopping bags made of ecological materials. The high availability of this type of bags means that more and more companies and customers use only this type of carriers. They are intended for repeated use, thanks to their stable construction and high durability, and if properly stored, they can serve us for a really long time. anomalies

3. Paper saves energy

By choosing a paper bag , you save energy. Are you surprised? Natural materials are used to produce paper bags, so they do not require huge amounts of energy to process. These materials are also available locally, which also saves energy associated with importing the necessary raw materials.

4. They are cheap.

Paper bags are not only extremely ecological, but also very cheap. The cost of one bag is only a few cents due to the lack of recycling fees and high access to raw materials. The lack of costs associated with importing materials allows manufacturers to save a significant amount of money, which directly affects the unit price of the bag. When purchasing paper bags in large quantities, you can also count on additional discounts!

5. Paper bags as a marketing tool

The fact is that paper bags are perceived as more elegant compared to plastic bags. A few years ago, paper bags were reserved only for premium brands, this was due to the desire to add prestige to the brand and portray it as taking care of every detail. Many entrepreneurs have noticed the benefits of using paper bags, which has significantly increased interest in purchasing this type of media. A very important advantage, noticed primarily by people responsible for marketing, is the ability to print selected graphics, which allows you to obtain an additional advertising medium at a low cost. The use of advertising bags has a direct impact on the increase in brand recognition.

As you can see, paper bags have many advantages. They perform a marketing function, generate savings, and most importantly, save the environment. So if you still use plastic bags, now is the perfect time to change your habits!

Remember #WELLBEECO! :)

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