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Is a paper shopping bag subject to a recycling fee?

Czy torba papierowa na zakupy podlega opłacie recyklingowej?

Adrian Koźlik |

Plastic - a common enemy of our earth, we can encounter it almost everywhere. The recycling levy limits the production of products from this material. In accordance with EU regulations, this type of fee has also been imposed paper shopping bags for stores, clearly specifying which plastic bags are subject to an additional payment, so what about a paper shopping bag?

To increase ecological awareness, many retail chains have completely abandoned plastic bags in favor of a recycled shopping bag . It is worth mentioning that a store owner may be fined for giving out plastic bags and bags for free, as it is illegal. This regulation is intended to discourage customers from buying this type of shopping bags.

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Paper bag - an ecological alternative

Statistically, more and more customers choose paper shopping bags when shopping, take reusable bags with them or invest in comfortable shopping bags on wheels, why is this happening? Paper shopping bags came to us from the West, precisely from America, each of us at least he once saw a scene when his favorite character from a movie or TV series leaves a store carrying this type of bag, filled to the brim with products. This situation was the beginning of changes regarding the development of conscious consumption.

There are many advantages of paper shopping bags: they are cheaper, they save energy and are an ideal marketing tool. Get to know the rest of their advantages! 5 basic advantages of using paper bags

Where to find your dream shopping bag and save?

wymarzona torba na zakupy Paper shopping bags are not subject to recycling fees because they are made of natural, biodegradable material. Depending on the content of artificial additives in the bag, it is subject to a certain fee, some of them have special prints in the form of company logos and they serve as advertising. However, when we are prepared for large purchases and we know that a bag the size available in the store will not be enough, we bring our reusable bags purchased online or in a stationary store.

There are plenty of variants, from fabric shopping bags, through bags made of durable plastic fibers, to the previously mentioned shopping bags on wheels. Available in various patterns, colors and even shapes. They can be personalized or single-color without a pattern.

What other shopping bags are not subject to the recycling fee?

To our surprise, not all plastic shopping bags are subject to the recycling fee. The exceptions are light bags, which have a foil thickness of less than 50 micrometers and are intended for holding food or products are directly packed in them, and paper shopping bags made of 100% biodegradable ingredients (e.g. starch).

Some law!
Pursuant to the Act, the fee for shopping bags not subject to the recycling fee may be a maximum of PLN 1,
however, in the regulation of the Minister of the Environment to the Act, it was established that the amount would be PLN 20.

Change your habits now and help us create a healthier environment!

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