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Foil envelopes for packing parcels - what size foil envelope should I choose?

Koperty foliowe do pakowania paczek- jaki rozmiar koperty foliowej wybrać?

Adrian Koźlik |

The courier market is constantly developing, which gives us the opportunity to send parcels to ever further corners of the world. So what should you do to ensure that they reach these places safely and securely in the hands of your recipient?
The most important aspect is the type of shipping packaging used. Choosing the right foil envelope or cardboard box can be difficult, so we come with explanations!

Types of packaging and their functions

Shipping boxes - durable, equipped with double walls, resistant to damage. They are ideal for shipments integrated with more elements. koperty foliowe
Wrappers and cartons with adjustable height - made of strong corrugated cardboard, adjustable height, carefully protects the product. Suitable for packing books due to the self-adhesive closure and for sending long and narrow items, including alcohol.
Foil envelopes - the most frequently chosen, they protect against unfavorable weather conditions, discreet, capacious, in some cases with an expanded bottom. Foil envelopes are used for shipments of clothes, documents, cash, but also all light items.
Bubble envelopes - protects items, aesthetic appearance, speed of shipment preparation. Intended for transport, among others: cosmetics, chemicals, haberdashery, jewelry, books, records and many others.

Foil envelopes? Why is it chosen so often?

Online sales have increased significantly in recent years, and with it the popularity of foil envelopes has increased, and for good reason. The price, various shapes and sizes have made foil envelopes famous in the courier industry, especially in categories such as clothing and textiles, but also paper products or plastic accessories. Foil courier envelopes properly protect items against moisture and dirt. An additional advantage is their biodegradability when made of polymer or recyclability in the case of polyethylene contained in their composition. They allow you to quickly and conveniently place products of various sizes in them. There are also personalized printed foil envelopes available on the market, which are perfect if you want to put your logo on them.

What and where? How to choose and where to buy foil envelopes? ROZMIARY KOPERT

Questions may arise in your mind: "Where can I buy plastic envelopes? ” or when you have a store nearby “Can I get plastic envelopes for my parcel at Żabka? "
Ordinary plastic envelopes can be found at post offices, they are available in limited sizes and are not visually adapted to your needs. You won't be able to find even the most ordinary foil envelopes in Żabka or kiosks.

The best option is to use online stores that offer a wide range of options in terms of sizes and materials. The cost of foil envelopes depends on the size and quantity, naturally the more we buy, the lower the price. When purchased in pieces, the price is approximately PLN 1.70, and in larger quantities up to PLN 0.40 per piece. All you have to do is answer the last question: which size should you choose? There are many size variants of foil envelopes, they start from 190x250/50mm, and in some cases even end up at 800x550/50mm. Determine the size of the item you want to put in it and order the perfect foil envelope for you!

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