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Does comfort go hand in hand with ecology?

Czy wygoda idzie w parze z Ekologią?

Adrian Koźlik |

We are busy people. A similar routine every day. Home, work, shop, home, work... Due to little time, we reach for convenient solutions. Disposable bags, plastic bags, plastic bottles... We are not always aware of how much plastic we produce every day. These are huge amounts. In Poland, we produce on average 29 kilograms of plastic per person per year. According to estimates, only 5-10 percent of the world's plastic is recycled. More than 30 percent of plastic ends up in landfills. However, about one third of the waste ends up in the oceans. In short, most of this material ends up where we like to relax, in the forest, on the beaches and in the oceans. There is a mass of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean, which scientists call the seventh continent. It is a sad sight. We harm ourselves, animals and everything around us with plastic. But how can you give up such a comfortable material? There are opinions that being Eco is hard and uncomfortable. Is it true?

How to replace all kinds of commercials and "snaps"?

Paper and cotton bags are becoming more and more popular. Cotton bags are comfortable and practical. They are ecological and reusable. Cotton bags have a long service life. They can be used in various situations. While shopping, going to school, going to work and even while going out. Moreover, bags made of cotton decompose quickly, i.e. from 1 to 5 months.

What if we forget a cotton bag at home?

Let's be honest, everyone forgets something sometimes. In such a situation, it would seem that there is no solution and that you have to buy a plastic bag. Is there another possibility? YES. We can increasingly buy paper bags in stores. This is another great plastic substitute. They are comfortable, often used several times and friendly to our planet. Paper takes an average of 6 months to decompose.

Opakowania ekologiczne

How to pack fruit, vegetables and bread?

It's hard to imagine buying fruit and vegetables without the so-called "picking". They can be replaced with Zero Waste bags . They are made of cotton mesh, thanks to which they provide the products with access to fresh air. Their next great advantage is that they are reusable. Where in then pack the bread? This problem can be solved by using cotton bags.

Where else do we use plastic packaging?

Let's not forget about plastic water bottles. We buy it in packs, and then each bottle ends up in the basket. How to remedy this? This is where reusable filter bottles come in handy. If we have such a bottle, there will be no need to buy water in stores. This way, we will not only save money, but above all we will produce less waste that poisons us and our beautiful Planet.

So is it possible to combine comfort and practicality with ecology?

Of course. We can use both cotton and paper bags many times. They have practical everyday use. Zero Waste cotton bags have a long life. They can be used for packaging vegetables, fruit and bread. These Eco-packages take up little space, so we can easily have them with us always, putting them in our purse or putting them in the car. In most cases, the cost of these products is one-time and will bring long-term benefits. It is worth remembering that cotton bags take 1 to 5 months to decompose, paper bags take about 6 months, while an ordinary plastic bag takes about 400 years to decompose!

Do you think it is possible to combine comfort with ecology?

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