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What is ecological packaging and how do they protect our planet? Find out now

Czym są opakowania ekologiczne i w jaki sposób chronią naszą planetę? Dowiedz się teraz

Adrian Koźlik |

Every day there is a fight for our planet, large and well-known companies are switching to eco-friendly solutions to improve their brand image. Caring for the environment proves the manufacturer's care, after all, it is important to protect and take care of our environment. Ecological packaging is an increasingly common solution used by various companies, many companies operate in the form of e-commerce, i.e. online sales, which results in a large number of orders and expenditure on packaging . Restaurants, shops and wholesalers also use huge amounts of packaging, which is why their production has recently increased significantly. We should therefore use ecological solutions so as not to worsen the condition of our planet. But how does eco-friendly packaging protect our planet…?

So what exactly is eco-friendly packaging and what are its types?

Ecological packaging is one that is environmentally friendly and recyclable, and includes:

Reusable packaging , i.e. packaging that can be used many times and will remain functional all the time.

Eco-friendly packaging made of paper , cardboard or cardboard, perfectly recyclable

Eco packaging made from renewable raw materials, for example bamboo

Eco-friendly packaging is mass-produced, so much less energy is used.

Ecological packaging in times of pandemic

czym sa opakowania ekologiczne

During today's pandemic, a significant number of companies worked remotely and online. Shopping malls, construction stores, furniture stores and many others operated only thanks to online sales. For a long time, this was the only possible way to make purchases, which resulted in an increase in the amount of expenditure on packaging and all types of boxes suitable for packing. A large number of companies used packaging made of plastic, Styrofoam and similar artificial materials, which are unfavorable to our environment. Plastic and plastics can take anywhere from a hundred to a thousand years or even longer to decompose.

If companies used eco-friendly packaging , they would go a long way towards supporting our planet. Taking care of the environment and a better tomorrow should be important for every inhabitant of our planet, after all, we all live in one environment and everyone works separately to maintain it. Both small and larger companies should take care to provide ecological solutions, especially during the pandemic, to be an example and show that it is worth living eco-friendly and in harmony with nature.

What benefits do we get from using ecological solutions?

Ecological packaging supports the environment, reduces the amount of plastic we surround ourselves with, reduces carbon dioxide emissions and waste production. It is important that packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and reusable. Ecological packaging is highly aesthetic, cheap and safe. They have versatile uses, thanks to various shapes, sizes and colors. They are suitable for storing all kinds of food and items.

Well-known brands using ecological packaging

An example of a well-known company that started its business with paper packaging is McDonald's, which gave up plastic drink cups, straws, ice cream packaging and other elements used for food packaging. In addition to the above, they also use paper bags and paper coasters for cups with drinks. McDonald's is a popular restaurant chain not only in Poland but also around the world. Working on such a large scale, they use paper packaging, which strongly supports the environment. McDonald's is currently focusing on the planet, what about you?

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