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Where is the Polish e-commerce market and where is it heading?

Gdzie jest i dokąd zmierza Polski rynek e-commerce?

Adrian Koźlik |

Where is e-commerce heading?

Let's start with what e-commerce is. This is commonly known as online trading. It is based on both retail and wholesale sales on many websites and portals. Thanks to the pandemic , the e-commerce market in Poland has developed very quickly . Its popularity is constantly growing and people are more willing to buy online.

E-commerce and the pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, the value of Polish e-commerce increased by over 31 percent . Few European markets can boast such dynamics. Despite such enormous success, this is not all that Poles are able to offer. We have great potential because, comparing our market and the Western market, we have a lot to catch up on. The first thing is the quality and speed of the services offered, as well as the safety of the packed items. It often happens that the parcels that reach us are not in the best condition. If you want to learn the 4 basic rules of safe packing, please refer to the previous post. rynek e-commerce

Despite this, many people still shop online. There has been interest in online sales for a long time, but it was only the pandemic that caused a huge boom in this market. In the Gemius report entitled "E-commerce in Poland 2020" we can see that almost three quarters of Poles made online purchases in 2020. Specifically, it was 74 percent, which is an increase of as much as 11 percentage points compared to 2019. It is not only the e-commerce market itself that has experienced a great boom. Online banking has also benefited from this. 13 percent of card holders used it for the first time. Additionally, mobile banking has increased by 30 percent.

What are industries doing to attract new customers?

Everything indicates that the upward trend in e-commerce will continue for a long time. Every company is racing to attract and retain customers. In what ways? Attractive prices, discounts, discount codes and freebies . These are not all methods. Sharp photos are absolutely correct, but it is not enough. Many industries are starting to use 360 ​​videos and photos of products. This is a relatively new way to present a product. Thanks to it, the customer can see the product carefully before buying it. Another way to encourage people to buy a product from us is free shipping. Many people do not know that the shipping price is often hidden in the product price. This is a very popular method, but fortunately not everyone practices it.

A good way to convince customers is to ship within the same day or within 24 hours . Few people want their parcel to take several days or even weeks. We are usually pressed for time. Sellers are hiring new people to pack packages, introducing second shifts and much more! All this to have the best possible opinions and position well on portals. As we know, due to the pandemic, many people prefer contactless deliveries. The very popular company Amazon wants to introduce deliveries using drones. It is very innovative, but expensive. It is unlikely to appear in the near future, at least in Poland. However, it is only a matter of time until one of the companies catches the idea, improves it and implements it. To sum up, the e-commerce market in Poland is developing very dynamically, we can expect that this trend will not change in the coming months.

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