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A pouf bag with an advertising print? Learn 5 advantages of this type of advertising

Pufa worek z nadrukiem reklamowym? Poznaj 5 zalet tego typu reklamy

Adrian Koźlik |

If you are looking for an idea to make your company stand out, you no longer want to offer your customers hackneyed, standard advertising materials. Take advantage of the sako pouffe . Thanks to this, you will stand out and your customers will feel comfortable and nice. All thanks to the aesthetic and functional gadget.

5 advantages of xxl poufs with your own print

Light and comfortable advertising seats

By using the Sako pouffe as an advertisement for our company, we will combine the comfort of an armchair with advertising. This is a unique proposition for relaxation. Using a logo on pouffes will help your company stand out. We can create a comfort zone in which we place pouffes. It will be associated with comfort and relaxation. The customer will feel a positive experience, which will help build the brand's position. Additionally, it is very light and filled with Styrofoam balls. Additionally, it has a handle for convenient carrying to other places.

High abrasion resistance

Pouffes made of oxford adventure material are extremely durable. It is a waterproof fabric with above-average resistance to weather conditions, mechanical damage and dirt. It is made of polyester, covered with polyurethane, which makes it resistant to dirt, grease and oil. It is pleasant to the touch, very flexible, and does not crease. Therefore, the bag pouffe as an advertising tool with the company's prints can be ideally used at outdoor events, sporting events, music festivals, concerts, special events and fairs. The product made this way is economical and resistant to intensive use. pufa worek

Wide range of colors

Each of us is different and expects something different. We have different tastes, so we have prepared an offer with an extremely extensive palette of colors, patterns and shades. We offer aesthetic and original designs. Possibility of making pouffes according to individual order. Put your logo, name, any inscription or company colors on it. It is possible to print on the entire surface. The modern technologies used are durable and precise. In this way, we will perfectly match the pouffe to the place and nature of the party, event or other situation.

Cheap purchase

Compared to garden furniture, wooden furniture, sofas and couches, the sako pouffe is much cheaper. Even when making an individual project, this is a much lower cost. Moreover, it is a purchase that will last for years. Just wash it, scrub it if it gets dirty and use it again. The fillings can be added or completely replaced. Which is not a big cost.

Great potential for use

The Sako XXL pouffe can become the perfect accessory, for example, on the beach. Often, during holidays, companies create towns, projects and zones on the beach. Where they invite customers to rest and use their services. Then they put screens, deckchairs and sako pouffes - they will be the perfect addition. They are resistant to dirt, weather conditions and general use.

They are perfect for offices and offices in created comfort corners. Where the customer can conveniently wait for their turn to be served. Unwind, relax, spend some free time, eat lunch, drink coffee, or conduct a meeting. Nowadays, everyone is busy, busy and has no time for anything. So the customer who takes advantage of this opportunity will be very satisfied and will remember his visit to the company well.

A large number of restaurateurs or entrepreneurs running pubs, bars and cafes decide to use pouffes. Looking at durability but also price. Pouffes are much cheaper than wooden furniture such as benches, stools and chairs. And more comfortable. Dedicated to everyone. In a restaurant or cafe, adults, elderly people and children can sit comfortably, they can take a nap or play while their caregivers can have a nice time. You don't have to worry about a sudden downpour, the material is resistant.

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