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Where can you spend atmospheric holidays abroad? We give you a hint!

święta za granicą

Adrian Koźlik |

Christmas is a wonderful time full of joy, love and family atmosphere. When we think about them, we imagine snow-covered landscapes, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, a warm house full of Christmas decorations smelling of spices and oranges, as well as unique Christmas gifts and a hearty Christmas Eve dinner, forgetting about the series of preparations accompanying the preparation of these Christmas sceneries and the winter frost that envelopes us everywhere. .

To avoid the pre-Christmas madness, more and more people decide to spend Christmas days away from home, and even abroad. Is it good idea? See for yourself by checking out the most interesting Christmas destinations of our compatriots!

A Christmas adventure in warm countries

holidays abroad This part is dedicated to typical frost sufferers. Frosty days in October effectively discourage us from winter. One thing is certain, it will be even colder! And none of these people probably dreams of a frosty, snowy Christmas with a cup of warming tea in their hand. Christmas can be spent much more pleasantly: basking in the sun, taking a bath and charging the battery under the palm trees. Exotic destinations will certainly make it easier for us!

Arab Emirates

It is currently one of the most popular destinations, especially in winter. A luxurious holiday in Dubai at temperatures around 25 degrees will be much more pleasant than unbearable summers with temperatures twice as high. When it comes to Christmas, in Arab countries we can see the commercial aspects of this holiday in the form of numerous Christmas decorations decorating modern skyscrapers, shopping centers and exclusive hotels. In addition, those vacationing in this part of the world will have long sandy beaches, artificial islands and deserts at their disposal. What's more, enthusiasts of winter attractions will easily be able to use the ski slope or ice rink closed in the shopping center.

Dominican Republic

holidays abroad Traditional holidays in a paradise setting. Palm trees instead of spruces, white beaches instead of powdery snow and temperatures around 30 degrees are the biggest differences between holidays in the Dominican Republic. Contrary to appearances, holidays in the Dominican Republic are celebrated very similarly to those in Poland and other European countries. A distant paradise island offers us a warm, family atmosphere, traditional Christmas Eve dinners, and even joyful Christmas carol singing together. Traditional holidays in a tropical setting among high temperatures of palm trees, coral reefs and white beaches will certainly find many supporters.


Unique holidays in another culture. One of the main advantages of spending Christmas in Mexico is the fact that the celebrations in this country start on December 16 and last until February. During this time, we can encounter numerous processions with prayers and singing carols symbolizing the journey of Joseph and Mary. Mexican cities are beautifully decorated with twinkling lights and Christmas decorations, and Christmas nativity scenes are extremely popular. In addition, we can expect temperatures around 20 degrees, which tourists can enjoy on beautiful white beaches.


An ideal place for all fans of warm holidays in the All Inclusive style. Temperatures around 22 degrees, beautiful coral reefs, sandy beaches surrounded by ancient wonders of the world. Among Egyptian tourist attractions we can also find an exciting cruise on the Nile. Nevertheless, there will also be typical Christmas attractions, such as gala Christmas Eve dinners and festively decorated recreation facilities, where you will certainly find Christmas lights or traditional Christmas trees.

Canary Islands

holidays abroad The European exoticism offered by the Canary Islands is certainly a good solution for enjoying the warm, sunny climate without leaving Europe. Due to the fact that these islands belong to Spain, tourists traveling to these areas will not need a visa or passport and can enjoy temperatures around 22 degrees. As for Christmas in the Canary Islands, it starts on December 22, when the annual lottery organized since 1812 takes place throughout Spain. The streets are decorated with colorful Christmas decorations. Among the most interesting Christmas attractions we can see a unique nativity scene carved from sand on the beach of Las Canteras in Gran Canaria. Traditional Christmas markets last until dusk, as well as outdoor Christmas concerts under the stars in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Christmas in Malta is very atmospheric and celebrated. At a pleasant temperature of around 18 degrees, we can enjoy singing carols together, Christmas processions and admire the nativity scenes and unique Christmas decorations in the windows. In addition, we can celebrate the holiday season by going to Christmas plays, carol concerts or the popular pantomime at the Manoel Theater.


holidays abroad when going to Thailand for the holidays, we will encounter a dry season, which lasts from November to February in this country. Daytime temperatures there reach 30 degrees. This is the peak of the tourist season, although the dominant religion is Buddhism, in some places we can find atmospheric Christmas decorations in the form of Santa Clauses and Christmas trees.


If you decide to go on a Christmas trip to Madagascar, you will feel the festive scent of spices, cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla. And also a family atmosphere and a temperature around 28 degrees.


In Australia, Christmas falls in the summer, so Christmas days are spent mainly surfing and sailing together. In the evening, we can expect an outdoor Christmas Eve dinner. One of the Australian traditions is singing carols by candlelight called Carols by Candlelight. Carol evenings are also organized in many clubs and restaurants. The traditional Christmas tree in this country is replaced by a plant called the Australian bush, and the temperature at this time reaches about 30 degrees.

Christmas atmosphere abroad

Lovers of the Christmas atmosphere, snow, beautiful winter scenery and winter sports who want to spend the holidays abroad will also find something for themselves. Among the most interesting winter holiday destinations we can distinguish:


holidays abroad the largest mountain range in Europe is the perfect place to spend Christmas actively. If you dream of holidays spent on ski slopes among snowy landscapes and Alpine huts, you should definitely go to one of the Alpine countries. The choice is quite large and you can choose from countries such as Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany or Monaco.


Holidays spent in Italy have an exceptionally religious atmosphere. During the Christmas Eve supper, we can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine and then go to the well-known Midnight Mass. The great advantage of spending holidays in this country is the joyful and energetic atmosphere for which Italians are famous. And the Christmas tree standing in front of the Vatican in Rome is the perfect place to take a unique Christmas photo that can work as a personalized postcard from our unique Christmas vacation.


Lovers of Christmas markets should go to our western neighbors. In Berlin alone we can find over 80 different Christmas markets. However, in Munich we can find a definite pioneer in this field and the oldest Christmas market in the world. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees with decorations also comes from this country. People planning to go to Germany for Christmas will certainly appreciate the unique Christmas atmosphere in this country.


those who love winter scenery and unique adventures should visit Iceland. In addition to visiting ice caves, admiring geysers or hunting for the phenomenal aurora borealis, we can also see 13 Santa Clauses - one for each pre-Christmas day, numerous fairs and an exceptionally aesthetic combination of Christmas decorations and snow fluff.

New York

If we want to play the role of our favorite characters from American Christmas movies, we should go to New York, which is one of the most magical places at this time of year. Among the intensely glowing Christmas decorations and the magical atmosphere of the bustling city, we can find the most famous Christmas tree in the world in front of Rockefeller Center. We can go ice skating in Central Park or shop on 5th Avenue. Go to Christmas shows and musicals or themed parties. You can also admire the Christmas city from a bird's eye view of the Empire State Building - then we advise you to replace the Christmas hits for a moment with the great hit of Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind, or the atmospheric voice of Frank Sinatra singing about this extraordinary American city.


holidays abroad This is definitely the most festive destination possible. Going to the magical village of Rovaniemi, we will meet the REAL Santa Claus, his wife Mrs. Gingerbread, a herd of elves and reindeer led by Rudolf himself. We will be able to spend the night in a hotel carved in ice, participate in elf helper training and learn how to bake the best Christmas sweets. Crossing the Arctic Circle, which runs through the center of the town, or observing the regularly appearing northern lights may also be an unforgettable experience.

An unforgettable foreign Christmas

Regardless of which Christmas trip you decide on, you can count on a unique and unforgettable Christmas. Full of blissful laziness and winter activities. Paradise beaches and unique winter sceneries. Places from our favorite movies or the most festive characters in a distant country.

It will be a unique and magical holiday - we are convinced of it!

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