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Christmas markets 2023 - when and where? Check!

jarmarki bożonarodzeniowe 2023

Adrian Koźlik |

Christmas markets are a long-standing tradition. Lights, Christmas decorations, the smell of mulled wine and crowds of passers-by - this is how this event can be described. Every year, wooden stalls appear in the markets of larger cities, which will put us in the Christmas spirit! Check where you can go to the Christmas market this year!

Where did the tradition of organizing Christmas fairs come from?

Christmas markets 2023 Christmas markets have a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages. It all started with ordinary food and craft fairs. Over time, everything gained more momentum and such events became very popular.

Christmas markets have become a kind of tradition and a mandatory event during the holiday season in many countries.

It cannot be denied that shopping during Christmas markets is often just an addition, and in fact everyone visits them to feel the atmosphere of the holidays, drink warm mulled wine, try Christmas dishes, and meet family and friends.

Where and when will Christmas markets take place in Poland in 2023?

Christmas markets 2023 In Poland, Christmas markets are organized in many cities. This tradition is really important in Poland. Many cities organize their fairs, which are visited by many people who want to feel the magical atmosphere of the holidays.

Christmas markets usually start at the end of November and last until Christmas, but of course everything depends on the organizers.

Below we present the most popular Christmas markets in Poland.

Christmas market in Warsaw 2023

By far the biggest event in Warsaw during the holiday season is the Decorated Crafts Fair . It will start on November 26 and will last until January 6, 2024 . It will take place in the Old Town, in the area of ​​Międzymurze Piotr Biegański.

The stalls during the fair will be filled with handicrafts and crafts, as well as delicious Christmas delicacies and warming drinks (yes, you can drink delicious spicy mulled wine there!).

During the fair in Warsaw, you will be able to admire a variety of Christmas decorations that will fill passers-by with the Christmas atmosphere. It will also be a great opportunity to look for gifts for your loved ones.

It is also worth remembering that in winter, in the Old Town square, there will certainly be a large ice rink, which will be a great attraction not only for children, but also for adults.

Christmas market in Gdańsk 2023

Gdańsk, like every year, will also delight us with its Christmas market. It will take place at Targ Węglowy. It will start on November 17 and last until December 23 .

The Christmas market in Gdańsk is one of the most popular events in this region. It was also appreciated on a European scale and took second place among organized fairs.

The fair in Gdańsk delights guests with new products every year! Last year, in addition to traditional attractions, guests could take a souvenir photo in a photo booth. Who knows what will surprise us this time?

When it comes to decorations, the fair in Gdańsk can also surprise! There are decorations like from the fairy-tale world of magic. Glowing carriages, carousels and huge baubles awaited visitors in previous years. There's usually even more going on on weekends!

Christmas market in Krakow 2023

The Christmas market in Krakow is one of the oldest. We can participate in it on the Main Square. This year it will start on November 24 and last until January 1, 2024.

Christmas markets in Krakow have been held there for hundreds of years. You can find many attractions and a wide range there! It is worth taking a look at Christmas decorations, especially handmade ones.

At the Christmas fair, you will have the opportunity to try regional delicacies, such as oscypek cheese with cranberries or Galician mulled wine.

Christmas market in Wrocław 2023

It cannot be denied that the Christmas market in Wrocław is one of the most beautiful! During the holidays, the Wrocław market square comes alive and gains atmosphere. The Christmas fair will start on November 24 and end on January 7, 2024 .

Visitors to the fair will be able to try many delicious snacks such as: potato pancakes, zeppelins, gingerbread, waffles, butter rolls and many others.

Various artistic events will also be organized near the fair. Already in December, there will be a music stage there, where we will see various music concerts and performances by the youngest.

The Gift Dwarf is also very popular and appears only during the Christmas market in Wrocław. Legend has it that if we touch his hat three times, all our dreams will come true in the near future.

Christmas market in Poznań 2023

Poznań also organizes its own Christmas market. This year you will be able to visit it from November 18 to December 22 at the Poznań International Fair. You can enjoy its attractions from 11:00 to 21:00.

There will be over 70 different stalls at the fair, where you will be able to try local delicacies such as roasted chestnuts and mulled wine.

Christmas market in Katowice 2023

Don't forget about Katowice! The fair will take place there on November 17 and will last until January 7, 2024 in the Katowice Market Square .

In addition to the smell of mulled wine, the Katowice Christmas market attracts passers-by with numerous attractions. For the youngest guests, there are fairy-tale houses and a fairy-tale train.

Popular Christmas markets around the world

Many people make special trips to visit such an event.

One of the most famous Christmas markets takes place in Vienna, Austria . From November 11, you will be able to visit Christmas markets at the Rathausplatz.

One day at a Vienna Christmas market is usually not enough to fully experience the huge variety of festive activities and atmospheric attractions that attract young and old.


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