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Where is the cheapest place to buy photocopier paper? Check it out now

Gdzie najtaniej kupić papier ksero? Sprawdź już teraz

Adrian Koźlik |

In today's world, probably none of us can imagine working without A4 copier paper . There is practically no field in which we do not need to print something on photocopier paper. At every step we encounter piles of documents and other writings.

Today, copier paper can be called a basic necessity product, which means that it is available in many types of stores, not only stationery stores, but even food and industrial stores. Its application is really wide and its price is very affordable. All this made it so popular. As you can see, it has many advantages, which only proves in its favor. From today's article you will learn where photocopier paper comes from, what type to choose and where it is best to buy it so as not to overpay.

Back to the history of photocopier paper

papier ksero Certain objects have been with us forever, so we probably haven't even thought about the fact that everything had its beginning somewhere.

One would like to write that printer paper was created very accidentally, but was it really?

Let's go back to China in 107 AD. It was then that people began to notice that washing silk cotton leaves a very thin coating on the mat. It was created by wetting cotton wool and beating it with a stick on the same silk mat. After drying the coating, it was possible to write on it freely. Nevertheless, silk was very expensive, so it was replaced with other plant fibers.

Time has flown, and photocopier paper has been changed and, above all, improved over the years so that we can enjoy its today's version.

Cellulose - the building material of copy paper

The structure of copier paper is very interesting because it is simply plant fibers whose main building material is cellulose. Obtaining it is a time-consuming process, which includes cutting and grinding trees.

Although cellulose is the building block of A4 copier paper , it also contains other raw materials, such as glue, water and dyes, which are called fillers and directly affect the smoothness and durability.

How is copy paper produced?

It is worth starting with the fact that the paper production process itself is not particularly difficult or complicated. Forest clearing, which is necessary to produce paper on such a large scale, is of great importance in this case. However, there is no need to worry, because new trees are immediately planted in place of the cut down trees.

Immediately after the trees are cut down, they are transported to special factories that deal with their further processing, including: grinding and subsequent grinding. Of course, this is the task of special machines. The next step is to add various fillers to the resulting ground mass, such as water, glue or dyes, if we want to give the copier paper color.

Then, a specially prepared roller presses the mass. It makes it take the desired size and shape. The most important thing is to leave the mass to dry completely, because then we know how much paper we can get. And that's all! The copy paper is ready!

Which paper size should I choose?

papier ksero Of course, A4 copy paper is the most popular. This is the format we all use. Thanks to it, we can print various documents.

However, it is worth remembering that other less popular formats are also available on the market. You can usually find formats a, b, c, which are numbered 0-10. It really all depends on what we need. B formats are usually found in print shops, and c formats are reserved for envelopes.

Where is the cheapest place to buy photocopier paper?

Due to the fact that A4 copier paper is so popular and we cannot imagine life without it, many companies are able to offer it to us.

If you are wondering in which stores you can find it, it is worth visiting:

  • food and industrial stores
  • stationery stores
  • electronics stores that offer printers
  • bookstore
  • online stores

If you want the best price, it is worth taking a look at online stores that offer A4 photocopying paper . In such places, we usually have a choice of different paper qualities, grammages and manufacturers.

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