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How to sew a backpack bag for a child? Step by step instructions

Jak uszyć plecak worek dla dziecka? Instrukcja krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

Do you know that..

The largest backpack was 12.12 m high, 9.28 m wide, 5.12 m deep and was manufactured by Mega Adygea. The word "backpack" was coined in the United States in the 1910s. Moneybag and packsack were used earlier, but currently they occur mainly as regionalisms.,

There is no more convenient way to carry provisions during a trip than with a backpack. Comfort while traveling is one of the most important aspects. Provide it for yourself and your loved ones with a bag backpack !? But where did the idea for a bag backpack actually come from? We are in a hurry to help!

The origins of the backpack bag

PLECAK WOREK Evidence of backpacks dates back to 3300 BC. In 1991, traces of the first makeshift luggage were found in the Alps. It was a leather bag held together with string. Like them, backpacks with a wooden frame for carrying firewood have a long tradition.

Henry Merriam was responsible for the first patented backpack design. He created an imperfect backpack bag that looked like our modern prototypes.

In the 1930s and 1960s, children used canvas backpacks to carry books and notebooks, and academic students used a square leather bag fastened with a buckle. Today, we can find many types of backpacks that differ from each other, for example in terms of design, material, which they are manufactured, and even the color.

How to sew a backpack bag for a child?

Drawstring bag backpacks are a great way to carry lightweight items such as briefcases, clothes, sneakers and paperback books.

They're great for the beach, a concert or the park, and when no longer needed, they can be easily folded and put in your pocket. Unfortunately, many of the bag backpacks that you can buy in stores do not always suit your taste. If you need a drawstring backpack and can't find one you like, why not make one yourself?

  • Step 1 . Cut two rectangles measuring 30 cm x 35 cm from a durable material, such as canvas, cotton or linen.
  • Step 2 . Fold and press both long edges and one short edge by approximately 0.5 cm. Secure the edges with sewing pins, then iron them flat.
  • plecak worek Step 3. Sew the folded edges. Don't forget to remove pins while sewing.
  • Step 4. Fold the upper raw edge twice to create a narrow tunnel through which we will then pass the string.
  • Step 5. Sew the casing down. Sew it as close to the lower, folded edge of the casing as possible. If you used sewing pins to hold the fabric, be sure to remove them as you go.
  • Step 6. Cut two strings approximately 145 cm long. Avoid using a string that is too thin or too rough as it may "bite" into your arm while carrying the bag.
  • Step 7 . (optional) Add decorations or iron your unique and unique pattern on your child's backpack bag . Place the pattern in a convenient place and enjoy the original design.
  • Step 8 . Pin the two parts of the backpack bag together, right sides facing in. Make sure everything is even.
  • Step 9. Sew around the bottom edge and both side edges. Don't start sewing from the top of the bag. If you do this, you will sew up the casing and you will not be able to use the bag.
  • Step 10 . Pull the string through the created tunnel. Attach a safety pin to the beginning of the string, it will make pulling it much easier.
  • Step 11 . Thread the strings through the grommets and tie the ends. Take both wires on the left side and thread them through the left grommets; you want the strings to come out the front of the bag. Tie the ends of the strings into a tight knot. Repeat this step for the strings on the right side of the backpack bag .

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