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How much does a wedding cost? The cost of renting a chillout zone for a wedding evening

Ile kosztuje wesele 2024? Koszt wypożyczenia strefy chillout na weselny wieczór

Tomasz Woźniak |

When planning your dream wedding, you are probably wondering how much it will all cost you. Wedding costs can vary greatly and depend on many factors. How much does a wedding cost? The basic expenses related to organizing a wedding include:

Wedding hall

The wedding hall is one of the most important elements affecting the cost of the wedding. Rental prices range from several to several dozen thousand zlotys. Luxurious rooms in prestigious locations, such as palaces or hotels, can cost over PLN 20,000, often offering comprehensive packages with catering, decorations and service. Cheaper options, such as local community centers or fire stations, start from several thousand zlotys, but require organizing catering and decorations yourself, which generates additional costs.


Providing meals and drinks for wedding guests is a significant expense, depending on the number of guests, the menu and the catering company. Average catering prices per person in Poland range from PLN 150 to PLN 400. An exclusive menu with more expensive drinks increases costs, as do additional culinary attractions such as a candy bar or a chocolate fountain. Choosing a reputable catering company is crucial, but it is often associated with higher prices, so it is worth comparing the offers of several suppliers.

Music band or DJ

Music for a wedding costs from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. A live band is a more expensive option, offering a wide repertoire and a high level of performance. DJing is a cheaper alternative, costing several hundred to several thousand zlotys, depending on experience and equipment. Additional costs may result from renting sound equipment, lighting or announcer services. It is important to determine your preferences and budget in advance and book services well in advance to avoid additional costs at the last minute.


Beautiful decorations of the hall, tables, flowers and candles can significantly influence the atmosphere of the wedding and its cost, which ranges from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. Comprehensive floral arrangements, especially those using rare or seasonal flowers, may be more expensive. Simpler decorations made on your own or with the help of friends may be cheaper, but require more commitment. The cost of additional decorative elements, such as candles and garlands, also needs to be taken into account.

Wedding Dress

A wedding dress and a suit can cost several thousand zlotys. The cost depends on the brand, quality of materials and additional accessories. It is important to set aside an appropriate portion of your budget for these elements, taking into account your individual preferences and ceremony style.

Photographer and cameraman services

The cost of a cameraman and photographer depends mainly on their experience, scope of services and duration of the session. It is important to precisely define your expectations and budget in order to find a professional who best reflects the atmosphere and emotions of your wedding.

Wedding rings

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and fidelity, the prices of which depend on the material, design and manufacturer. Gold, silver and platinum wedding rings are popular, and the choice depends on the couple's personal tastes and budget.

Organization of hen and stag parties

Organizing a hen and stag party is an expensive affair, depending on the selected attractions and location. Options include room rental, activities such as culinary workshops, paintball or weekend trips. It is worth making sure that both events are tailored to the preferences of the future spouses.

Chillout zone - a cheap and functional attraction at your wedding

One of the popular trends at weddings is the creation of a chillout zone, where guests can rest, relax and spend time in a more intimate atmosphere. Such a zone may consist of various types of garden furniture, such as deckchairs, hammocks, pouffes, as well as decorative elements. The cost of renting a chillout zone for a wedding depends on several key factors, such as the type of furniture, its number and additional services such as decoration and assembly.

Renting garden loungers at a wedding - how much does it cost?

Garden deckchairs are popular furniture that increasingly appear in chill-out zones at weddings. Renting 10 garden loungers for a wedding can cost from PLN 550 to even PLN 1,250, depending on the options selected. It is worth setting a budget in advance and comparing offers from different rental companies.

Wooden deckchair or fabric deckchair - which is more profitable?

When choosing deckchairs for the chillout zone at a wedding, you can choose two basic types: wooden deckchairs or deckchairs made of material (e.g. fabric, rattan).

Wooden deckchairs:

  • They are characterized by a solid and durable construction,
  • They have a timeless, elegant look,
  • The rental price ranges from PLN 50 to PLN 100 per piece,
  • They require a larger area to set up.

Fabric deckchairs :

  • They are lighter and more mobile,
  • They can have a variety of patterns and colors,
  • The rental cost is usually PLN 30-70 per piece,
  • They take up less space in space.

Considering the costs, fabric deckchairs are slightly cheaper to rent than wooden ones. However, wooden models have a more elegant and stylish look that may blend better with wedding decorations. The final choice depends on your aesthetic preferences, available space and planned budget for the chillout zone. It is also worth considering whether guests will be using the deckchairs for a long time - then more solid wooden models may prove more practical.

Alternative solutions - renting a hammock for a wedding evening

In addition to traditional deckchairs, hammocks can also be used at a wedding as an element of the chill-out zone. Hammocks are an increasingly popular alternative that adds an additional, relaxing character to the arrangement.

The cost of renting a hammock for a wedding ranges from PLN 50 to even PLN 150 per piece, depending on:

  • Material of manufacture - cotton hammocks are cheaper than linen or string ones,
  • Sizes - larger models designed for 2 people are more expensive,
  • Additional services - delivery, assembly, decorations.

The advantage of a hammock is that it takes up less space than a traditional deckchair and at the same time provides guests with a comfortable place to rest. It can be an interesting alternative or complement to the chill-out zone.

It is worth considering renting a few hammocks so that your guests can swing around and relax during the wedding.

How to reduce the costs of renting a chillout zone for a wedding evening?

To minimize the expenses associated with renting a chillout zone at a wedding, you can consider several ways:

Negotiate prices with rental companies

Ask for quotes from several companies and compare them. You can often get better rates by negotiating the price or asking for package deals.

Limit the number of items

Instead of renting a full set of furniture, limit yourself to the bare minimum, e.g. 6-8 deckchairs or 3-4 hammocks.

Choose cheaper materials

Deckchairs made of fabric or rattan are usually cheaper than wooden models.

Opt out of additional services

Arranging the furniture yourself will save on delivery and assembly costs.

Ask for a discount or promotion

Rental companies often offer discounts if you book the service well in advance or as part of a package.

Limit decorations

Give up expensive decorative elements, such as garlands or lamps. Choose a less popular date: Weddings organized outside the summer season are usually cheaper.

Is it worth investing in renting a chillout zone for a wedding evening?

The chillout zone at a wedding is becoming more and more popular and expected by guests. Its presence can significantly affect the comfort and relaxation of party participants.

The benefits of renting a chillout zone include:

  • Creating an additional, intimate space for rest,
  • Providing guests with comfortable furniture, such as deckchairs or hammocks ,
  • Making the wedding arrangement and decoration more attractive,
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the offer for guests.

Regardless of whether you choose the chillout zone or other attractions, remember that the wedding is your special day and it should be a fulfillment of your dreams. Therefore, make decisions that will be the most satisfying for you and your guests.

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