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The most beautiful restaurant gardens in Warsaw and Krakow - get to know the top 5

Najpiękniejsze ogródki restauracyjne w Warszawie i Krakowie - poznaj top 5

Tomasz Woźniak |

In summer, when the weather allows it, restaurants often encourage visitors thanks to their gardens, which are usually located in front or behind the restaurant building. It is an ideal place to eat delicious dishes, drink good drinks and admire the charm of the surroundings. In this article, we will present the top 5 restaurants in Warsaw and Krakow that are worth visiting.

Krakow - top 5 restaurant gardens in the city of kings

Krakow is famous for its small cafes surrounding the narrow streets of the market square, and Kazimierz is bustling with life in the evenings, but only some of them are famous for their beautiful restaurant gardens that please the eye and attract tourists. Among them we can find:

At Ziyad's

The garden is located on the terrace of the castle, where amazing views of the surrounding green areas, the Vistula River and the panorama of Krakow are breathtaking. It is an ideal place for a romantic dinner, family meetings, or relaxing on a deckchair surrounded by nature.

Meho Cafe – Bar & Garden

The café located next to the Mehoffer Museum is a beautiful garden that allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Interestingly, the garden is part of the artist's former garden, which adds an artistic character and peace to the place. This place perfectly combines history with modernity. If you pass Krupnicza Street, be sure to stop by for a coffee at this place!

Restobistro time signature

This place is located on the roof of the Academy of Music, where they serve lunch. Classical music often accompanies the ride up the elevator, and outside there is a beautiful panorama of the entire Krakow. Such beautiful circumstances make every moment spent at Metrum RestoBistro unique. There is also a chill zone, surrounded by wooden deckchairs . The perfect place for any time of day.

Cafe Oranżeria restaurant

Cafe Oranżeria restaurant is a unique place located on the top floor of the Kossak Hotel at Plac Kossaka 1 in Krakow. This is an elegant restaurant that offers not only delicious cuisine, but also a breathtaking view of the panorama of Krakow, including the Wawel Royal Castle, the Vistula River and the Old Town. If you are looking for a high-class restaurant, this is the perfect choice.

Wild wine

The restaurant is located in the heart of Krakow, but the garden is located in the courtyard of tenement houses. Thanks to this solution, being right in the center, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. There is no shortage of comfortable garden loungers and comfortable poufs. The perfect place for a drink with friends.

Warsaw - top 5 restaurant gardens in the capital

Both Warsaw and Krakow can surprise you with the authenticity of restaurants in every square of the city. Below we present our 5 proposals that particularly caught our eye:


DZiK, i.e. House of Fun and Culture, is a unique place on the map of Warsaw that combines the functions of a club, cafe, restaurant and cultural space. It is located in a historic villa in Mokotów and attracts a diverse audience thanks to its wide cultural and entertainment offer. Its decor combines vintage with modernity, which attracts attention at first glance.

Evening Bar

The evening bar is the perfect place for a summer meeting with friends after dark. Comfortable poufs, pallets and wooden garden loungers give a coherent character to this place. A rich drink menu, professional service and an attractive location make the Wieczorny Bar a popular meeting place for residents and tourists looking for relaxation and good time.

Coach House Bar

Wozownia Bar is a unique place on the Warsaw map that combines history with modern style and a unique atmosphere. It is located in the historic Coach House at Al. Ujazdowskie 6, which gives it a unique character. It is an ideal place to meet new people or serve as a place for a quick meeting with friends. If you have a free evening, drop by the Coach House.

Living Kitchen

This is an unusual place on the map of Warsaw so far. Their innovative approach to gastronomy has made them one of the most interesting places on the capital's map. Guests have the opportunity to observe and participate in the process of preparing dishes under the supervision of experienced chefs. Each meal is a real show of culinary creativity. It is an ideal place for lovers of good cuisine and innovative culinary experiences.

But Wine

The last restaurant on our list offers a wine bar where you can enjoy a wide selection of wines from different regions of the world and a pleasant atmosphere for tasting and relaxation. The bar is located in the central part of Warsaw, which makes it easily accessible to both city residents and tourists. In addition to excellent wines, Ale Wino also offers delicious snacks and tapas that go perfectly with the drinks served. The menu is often seasonal and adapted to current preferences and gastronomic trends.

In Krakow and Warsaw you can find restaurants and bars that not only delight with their unique atmosphere, but also with high culinary quality and unique experiences. Each of these places not only satisfies the palate, but also offers an unforgettable aesthetic experience and a culinary journey through local and international flavors.


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