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How to wrap gifts ecologically?

Jak ekologicznie zapakować prezenty?

Adrian Koźlik |

How to wrap gifts ecologically? Ways to pack gifts in paper bags without using plastic.


We buy gifts with the intention of bringing joy. We often spend a lot of time choosing. However, some people make a cardinal mistake by forgetting the principle of first impression. Even the most beautiful gift wrapped carelessly or, even worse, not wrapped at all, looks as if we didn't bother to put any effort into perfecting it. Below you will find three methods of wrapping gifts that do not require great skills. Despite their simplicity, they are great for packing smaller and larger gifts. Additionally, by using them, you add a small bonus to the donated item in the form of caring for a better future of the planet we live on.

Classic, smooth paper bags from the manufacturer will work well if you want to focus on elegance.


When we want to wrap a gift elegantly, we often try to be creative. We buy paper, fabric or, even worse, foil. After a moment's thought, we add kilometers of colorful ribbons to the basket. We then spend an hour trying to control unruly materials, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, true elegance is based on simplicity. Solid-colored paper bags will work great in this case . By using this type of packaging, you do not contribute to the increase of piles of plastic garbage, which causes an increasing problem and destroys nature at an express pace. Paper bags are a product that can be recycled quite easily. This season, it is worth choosing gift bags in warm orange, classic blue, yellow in all shades and green. It is better to dedicate the equally fashionable fiery red to people with whom we are in a relationship or leave it for the Christmas period. Paper bags will not pose any difficulties when packing, and the visual effect will always be at a high level. When you buy paper bags from a manufacturer, you can be sure that they will be solid and will easily hold the gift while giving it, and the recipient will be able to use them again for their own needs.


A paper bag with a ready-made print allows you to tailor the gift to the age and taste of the gift recipient.


Paper bags with a print are a classic of the genre. You can easily find paper bags for children among them. They will be delighted to see a gift decorated with a cute teddy bear or a collection of colorful cars. Paper bags intended for adults should be a bit more subdued. In this case, it is worth following the principles of minimalism and choosing patterns referring to the Scandinavian style, which has been triumphing for years not only in interiors. An occasional paper bag is irreplaceable for all kinds of anniversaries and important life events. Thanks to it, you can wrap a gift for a wedding, birthday or eighteenth birthday, clearly referring to a given holiday.


You can design the print on the paper bag yourself, personalizing the gift as much as possible.


Paper bags , on which you can design your own dream pattern, have recently become a real hit . This way, we can treat paper gift bags like a painting palette, without using a brush to decorate them. All you need is basic knowledge of using graphic programs to create paper bags with your favorite slogan or a well-thought-out joke about an upcoming opportunity. Printed paper bags can be personalized by uploading a photo or graphic from our computer to the editor. The paper bag manufacturer will ensure that our project is implemented with meticulous attention to detail.

A paper bag created in this way will certainly make the recipient of the gift delighted and you will have a clear conscience. Ecology consists of small decisions that each of us makes in everyday life.

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