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How to reduce shipping costs - a practical guide

Jak obniżyć koszty wysyłki - praktyczny poradnik

Adrian Koźlik |

E-commerce activities require cooperation with courier companies that offer transport of our goods. Although shopping in an online store is a convenient and increasingly popular option for many customers, sometimes the high cost of shipping is a barrier.

What influences this?

  • Shipment size - the heavier and larger the parcel, the more expensive it will be to send it.
  • Parcel delivery time - depending on when we want to deliver the parcel, the service will be more expensive.
  • Place of sending the parcel - usually within Poland the shipping costs are the same, but foreign shipments are much more expensive.
  • All additional services available to the customer, such as service on Saturdays. Then the parcel fee will be higher.
  • Choosing a courier company handling shipments.

koszty wysyłki What is important to a customer when choosing a shipping option?

  • Variety of delivery methods. Some customers have the option of collecting their parcel at home, while others are more willing to choose a collection point.
  • Free delivery possible. Customers are more likely to choose a store that offers free delivery. Typically, stores offer this option starting from a specific order price, which causes customers to select products to reach the free delivery threshold. Another good solution is periodic promotions with free shipping, which can attract customers.
  • Proven delivery method. Sometimes a higher shipping cost guarantees a reliable service and the fact that the customer's parcel will be delivered promptly.
  • Specific waiting time for shipment. The customer should be aware that the shipping cost may, for example, be lower if he or she is willing to wait longer for shipping, while express shipping will cost more.

The challenge for every seller is to present the most favorable option for the customer while maintaining a low price for shipping costs.

How to reduce shipping costs?

  • 1. Choose cheap packaging . There are often cardboard boxes in your home or business after deliveries of goods or removals. It's worth leaving them and using them to wrap parcels.
  • 2.Consider purchasing foil wraps or bubble envelopes if the shipments are small. These types of materials are usually cheaper than cardboard boxes. They are also smaller in size and therefore the shipping costs may be lower.
  • 3.Make sure to send the package in advance. Usually, delivery on weekends or at a specific time is subject to an additional fee. If the recipient cares about time, make sure that the parcel is sent early enough.
  • 4. Remember that the package should have a standard shape. Even if you are sending something with irregular shapes, it is a good idea to place the shipment in a box, because courier companies add additional fees for the shape.
  • 5.It is also helpful to measure your package well. The larger the shipment, the higher the fee. It is worth getting a measuring tape and giving accurate measurements every time.
  • 6. Match the filling and protection of the package to its contents. Pack the parcel so that the filling does not take up too much space. You can use old newspapers or fillers to protect your parcel.
  • 7. Search for offers from different couriers and compare them. Thanks to online comparison sites, you can find an offer suitable for your company or client in just a few minutes, depending on the number of packages sent and their dimensions.
  • 8. If you don't care about the delivery time, consider economic shipping. Usually, the delivery time is longer, but the shipping cost is cheaper.
  • 9. If there are a lot of shipments in the online store, negotiate with courier companies to obtain the best possible order delivery conditions.

There are many methods to reduce shipping costs. It is worth implementing those that are most beneficial for us and our company.

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