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Where to buy string bags? We give you a hint!

Gdzie kupić woreczki strunowe? Podpowiadamy!

Adrian Koźlik |

Nowadays, air travel is available to everyone. Low ticket prices and the ease of crossing borders favor choosing this means of transport. We go on trips for travel, business and family purposes. Regardless of the reason for our trip, we take luggage with us on each of them. We can distinguish between the registered and handheld ones. We take the latter with us on board the plane and accompany us during customs control.

For this reason, its content is subject to strict requirements such as:

  • capacity of individual liquids - cannot exceed more than 100 milliliters,
  • the capacity of all liquids in hand luggage should be a maximum of 1 liter,>li>
  • additionally, they should be placed in a transparent packaging, it will be useful to close it in case of spilling liquids, such as a string bag,
  • during inspection, the package with liquids should be placed separately on the luggage tray,
  • Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements of the specific carrier with which you are traveling, because each has different guidelines for hand luggage.

woreczki strunowe What is a string bag?

It is a good idea to place all liquids in a string bag, which serves two basic functions. It is transparent, so the officer can easily see our liquids during customs control, and it is closed with a latch, thanks to which nothing will spill in the event of a failure. This bag consists of two elements - a foil bottom and a plastic clasp. They are universal and can be used repeatedly thanks to the closure.

String bags can be characterized by:

  • - sizes - from really small ones that can accommodate the smallest items to quite large ones,
  • - thickness, because some string bags are specially reinforced so that they do not tear so easily,
  • - type of fastening, because apart from the simplest ones with a string closure, they are also available with a zipper,
  • - properties such as antistatic, thanks to which you can transport electronic equipment in them without fear of discharge.

Where can you buy string bags?

  • The first place is grocery or industrial stores, but the selection of bag sizes may be limited.
  • Another place may be airports, because string bags are often used there, but may not always be available.
  • These types of bags can also be found in drugstores with products useful when traveling by plane.
  • This product can also be found in stationery stores.
  • The largest selection of bag sizes and properties can be found online.

What can such bags be useful for?

In addition to being used in hand luggage , string bags can also be used for:

  • storing food, mainly loose products (a special type of bag called a doypack will be useful for this purpose),
  • collecting small elements such as screws or overlays,
  • freezing food in the freezer, because ziplock bags are airtight and do not take up much space,
  • preparing lunch or salad for work, we can carry ready-made ingredients with us without worrying that they will weigh down our bag,
  • Ziplock bags also retain the scent perfectly thanks to the clasp, so they are useful for testing perfumes, <.li>
  • they are helpful for hobby collecting because you can easily organize your collections, protecting them from dust, moisture or damage,
  • Currently, all diamond mosaics are very popular - the crystals we use to paste pictures can also be stored in small string bags. We are sure that they will not get lost or take up too much space.

As you can see, there are many uses for string bags. Additionally, they are cheap and widely available, so it is worth purchasing them.

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