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How to decorate a gift box? We have some suggestions!

Jak ozdobić pudełko na prezent? Mamy kilka propozycji!

Adrian Koźlik |

Christmas is fast approaching. This is a magical time when we give gifts to our loved ones. They express our gratitude for their presence throughout the year. We try to make them look as good as possible and at the same time include a personalized addition tailored directly to the recipient of the gift. Gift boxes can come to our aid - they are an excellent starting point for creating the perfect packaging for a Christmas gift. A bow, hay, wicker/jute string or stickers will certainly improve the appearance of the packaging!

Christmas gift box with wicker/jute string

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to decorate a Christmas box is wicker/jute string. You can get it literally everywhere for little money. Once you have a box with a Christmas pattern , just run the string along its length and width and tie a bow. This way, an ordinary box will look like a real gift! If you want to diversify the packaging even more, you can add a cardboard label with your name . A good idea is to add a dried orange or a Christmas tree branch to the string.

Hay not only for the tablecloth

It is a long-standing tradition in many homes to put hay under the tablecloth. This is intended to bring prosperity to the household. An interesting idea for decorating a Christmas gift box is to add hay inside. Then we put the item in and we have a beautifully decorated gift! Not only does it look beautiful, but it also fits perfectly into the holiday spirit! opakowanie świąteczne

Christmas paper

What to do if we don't have a box with a Christmas pattern ? Just buy Christmas paper, take an ordinary shoe box and wrap a gift in it. Additionally, you can put candies inside to spice things up a bit. Remember that the thicker the paper, the easier it will be to arrange. Thin paper is very easy to tear and is creased in many places. It doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing, but the point is for the gift to be beautifully packaged!

Ribbon as a finishing touch

We have already chosen the box and wrapped the gift in it, but we are still missing something. Some addition that will emphasize the beautiful appearance of the box even more. If neither hay, paper nor string is enough for you, it is worth considering a ribbon. It is perfect not only for decorating packaging, but also for decorating a Christmas tree or a house. To beautify the gift , you can make a bow from the ribbon and attach it to the top of the packaging with glue. The second, equally good way is to pull it along and across the box and then tie it to create a bow. No matter which method you choose, each will be equally good!

Regular and wooden stickers

To decorate a gift box very easily, a great idea is to choose stickers with a Christmas motif . In stores you can find many interesting designs, among which we will certainly choose the right one for us. Stickers will not only help us decorate gifts, but will also make it easier for us to cover the box with Christmas paper. Wooden stickers are an interesting option, together with an ecological box they will look great under the Christmas tree!

All I can do is wish you lots of fun and creativity when decorating gifts!

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