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How to wrap a large gift? Get to know 7 interesting ideas!

Jak zapakować duży prezent? Poznaj 7 ciekawych pomysłów!

Adrian Koźlik |

How to wrap large gifts?

Christmas will be soon. Soon the great baking of cakes, decorating houses and shopping madness will begin. It is worth thinking not only about what to buy, but also how to wrap gifts. Especially if we plan to give our loved ones something really big. Packing oversized items may seem quite a complicated task - of course it is not! Below you will find some tips on how to deal with large Christmas gifts

1. Christmas paper

papier do pakowania prezentów

This is a very popular and obvious solution. At the same time, it is one of the heavier ones, because if you want to do it aesthetically, it requires extreme precision. The paper tears in many places or is often creased. To avoid this, it is worth measuring what you want to pack at the beginning. This will help us avoid problems with the length of the paper we need to purchase. Then get some double-sided or transparent tape. Remember to stretch the paper properly and fold the corners carefully. This will make the tape less visible. It's best to start packing when we have more time. Quickly packed gifts often do not look aesthetically pleasing, but the point is to make them look as good as possible!

2. Wrapping gifts in "candy"

One of the best ideas for packing irregularly shaped items is to throw the item into a cardboard box and wrap it in Christmas paper. However, an equally good and more ambitious alternative is to choose the so-called candy. This involves wrapping the gift in several layers of paper so that it does not break easily. Then we tie the ribbon at both ends so that the resulting shape resembles a candy .

3.XXL paper bags

Another way to pack large Christmas gifts is an XXL paper bag. A bag in size 50x18x39cm will work best in this role! A bag of this size can hold a lot, but if your gift is still too big, you can use Christmas paper and cover the item from the top, which also prevents you from seeing what's inside.

stare gazety

4. Use old newspapers

How about wrapping a gift in old newspapers that can only be thrown away? This is a perfect idea that will give your gift an extremely original look and ecological sound. To wrap a large gift in old newspapers, just connect the pages with tape and that's it! The form of packaging depends only on you, you can adapt the shape of the packaging to the item or, for example, pack it like a "candy" :)

5. XXL fabric bags

Large fabric bags are perfect for packing large, regularly shaped gifts . Packing is extremely simple, just put the item inside and tighten the string. Gifts packed in fabric bags will perfectly complement the Christmas atmosphere, as they look like Santa's sack!

6. A piece of cloth or tablecloth

When wrapping really large gifts , it may be a good idea to buy a piece of fabric or use an old tablecloth. In this case, the possibilities are endless, you can choose from different types of materials and color variants. When packing, a piece of string or a thin strip of material may be useful to tie the package.

7. Organize a treasure hunt

If the gift is very large , a good solution is not to wrap it... But how? Replace the moment of giving gifts with a game! Hide the gift somewhere in the house, in the garage, in the shed, in the attic, or even in a neighbor's house. Prepare an envelope with a clue that will lead your loved ones to another and another clue that will ultimately lead to the treasure that is a GIFT!

As you can see, there are many options for wrapping large gifts. It really all depends on your creativity. Don't limit yourself and let yourself be carried away!

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