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How to store Christmas baubles? We give you a hint

Jak przechowywać bombki choinkowe? Podpowiadamy

Adrian Koźlik |

Did you know that... The Guinness Book of Records contains an entry about the largest Christmas tree bauble , measuring 4.68 m in diameter. In December 2018, it was in The Dubai Mall, but weighing 1,100 kg, it was not hanging from a tree.

Christmas baubles are an indispensable element of every Christmas tree. Regardless of what style we want to buy Christmas baubles this year, it is important to know what to do with them and how to store them after the holidays. That's why we're presenting some clever tips that will help your decorations survive many winters.

How many Christmas baubles does your Christmas tree need?

Christmas Tree World has created a unique online calculator that will tell you in just a few seconds how many decorations you need to make your Christmas tree look perfect. bombki choinkowe

You've found the right Christmas tree for your home and now you need to decorate it, but you don't know exactly how many Christmas baubles and other decorations a Christmas tree of this size will need. All you need to do is enter the height of your tree in the calculator, then determine how big your Christmas baubles are and how full you want the tree to be. The calculator will then do the hard work for you and calculate the ideal number of baubles you need for your Christmas tree.

How to store Christmas baubles?

Some Christmas decorations and Christmas baubles can be very fragile or mean a lot to us and we don't want anything to happen to them, so we try to take care of them as best we can. Here are some reliable methods. In the case of plastic Christmas tree baubles, a container that can fit plastic bags will work best. Place Christmas baubles sorted by color and enjoy the sorted and protected decorations.

If Christmas tree baubles are glass and are susceptible to breakage, we should store them in containers specially designed to protect this type of baubles. In online stores you can buy special packaging for Christmas tree baubles of various sizes. However, if we want to save money and happen to have too many paper cups, we can easily make such packaging ourselves. Use egg trays to store small Christmas tree baubles. For Christmas tree chains or Christmas tree garlands, you can use empty plastic bottles to prevent tangling. It's the same with Christmas lights, use cardboard and wrap the lights around it.

Types of Christmas baubles BOMBKI CHOINKOWE

The Christmas tree baubles industry flourishes again every year. The most popular materials used to make Christmas baubles are glass, metal, plastic and wood.
They can be hand-painted, plain or multi-colored, or even made of blown glass.
Their shape can be different, ranging from classic round baubles to baubles imitating movie characters with their shape. Decorations made of glass can also be in the shape of bells, icicles and snowflakes.

Don't forget that you can create your own original and unique Christmas bauble . Depending on what you have on hand, you can use it to decorate a Christmas tree bauble.
Many homes have a tradition of buying a new Christmas bauble every year to remind them of the past year

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