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How to make gift boxes yourself? Learn proven methods

Jak samemu zrobić pudełka prezentowe? Poznaj sprawdzone sposoby

Adrian Koźlik |

pudełka świąteczne Did you know that... In German tradition, children receive gifts the night before Christmas to prepare them for the big day.

This is a beautiful custom spread all over the world. In many homes it is an indispensable element of the holidays. But what exactly are "Christmas boxes"? It is a gift box usually filled with small treats, pajamas, books and socks. It was believed that they were intended to help children go to bed earlier before Christmas Eve. In Great Britain, it was a way to start the celebration and introduce a unique atmosphere. However, gift boxes are not just for little ones, you can give them regardless of age!

Unfortunately, the trend is not welcomed everywhere. Many parenting blogs are filled with negative comments about gift boxes . It is considered to be unnecessary spending and indulging in the excessive side of the holiday season. However, gift boxes are completely personalized and it is YOU who decides what budget you want to spend on them and what you would like to put in them. A small gift before the main gift under the Christmas tree will surely please your loved ones.

How to make gift boxes?

Gift boxes don't necessarily have to be boxes, they can be a Christmas stocking, a pillowcase, a wicker basket, or even a wooden box.
Use ecological solutions and decorate an old container with ribbon, paint or wrapping paper.

You can also invest in an environmentally friendly, personalized gift box , stationary and online stores stock a wide range of products. From unique cardboard gift boxes of various sizes to cotton Christmas bags. However, if you would like to make a gift box yourself, we encourage you to watch this short instructional video.

A small Christmas gift will allow you to properly introduce your loved ones to the Christmas spirit. A typical gift box should contain all the necessary things that will help you relax before Christmas Eve.

What to fill a gift box with?

Here are some popular ideas:

    • Christmas movie
    • Christmas plant
    • Letter or note
    • Mug
    • Cotton bag
    • Wine
    • Hot chocolate
    • Sweet treats
    • Favorite snacks
    • Pajamas
    • Slippers
    • Socks with a Christmas pattern
    • I'm shining
    • Bath bombs
    • Cosmetics
    • Board games
    • Christmas decorations
    • Mugs
    • Oils
    • Interesting magazines

Gift boxes can be intended for anyone living in the house. Gift boxes for your pet have also become popular. There may be snacks, treats or pet toys there.

Gift box - share your joy with those in need.

Szlachetna Paczka is one of the most recognizable social programs in Poland. They hand out gift boxes filled with necessities. Every year during the holidays they look for those most in need who can be helped. Become a donor and give a gift box to a person or entire family struggling with difficulties.

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