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How to make spice stickers yourself? Step by step guide

Jak samemu zrobić naklejki na przyprawy? Poradnik krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

Do you know that…

naklejki na przyprawy A certain French inventor, M. de Villayer, at a time when it was not yet fully known how to use electricity, created a clock that had a unique feature - each hour had a specific spice assigned to it. Thanks to this, we knew that it was, for example, 6 am, because the entire room smelled of cloves.

Spices have been used in various ways for many years, but we mostly deal with them in the kitchen. In many homes, spices have their own cupboard, where jars or packages filled with aromatic additives are placed. However, we know how troublesome it can be to look for a bay leaf while our borscht is already cooking. That's why most people choose jars with spice stickers .

Spice stickers - a way to organize.

In recent years, stationary and online stores have expanded their assortment to include kitchen organization kits, which include, among others: Jars with spice stickers are included. This makes the search for herbs much easier, but not only that, but due to their prices, few people decide to buy these sets.

Fortunately, creating such jars with spice stickers yourself is not difficult! An additional advantage of this solution is that you can decorate the jars as you wish. Do you dream of a kitchen in a minimalist style? Use simple patterns and light pastel colors to create spice stickers . Do you prefer glamour? Create gold spice stickers with decorated fonts. How your jars with spice stickers will look is up to you.

naklejki na przyprawy How to make spice stickers?

Transform overflowing and unorganized drawers or spice racks with DIY spice stickers . We present a step-by-step guide.

  • Step 1 . Find similar jars and wash them.
  • Step 2. Purchase self-adhesive paper.
  • Step 3 . Create a design for your spice stickers. You can use programs such as Canva or a special program for creating Circut Design Space labels.
  • Step 4. Cut out the spice stickers.
  • Step 5. Stick the appropriate stickers on the spices.
  • Step 6. Add spices according to the stickers. And that's it!

You can also use markers to label the jars and create your own signatures. This will give your containers a unique look combined with aesthetics. There are many creative and practical ways to mark jars with spices. Instead of spice stickers , you can use decorated tapes on which you can put the names of spices. They will look unique on transparent jars.

Chalkboard spice stickers will be suitable for people who often need changes in their lives, together with a chalkboard marker they will allow you to change the name of the container in the blink of an eye . Transparent spice stickers will allow you to mark containers without worrying that they will obscure the beauty of colorful spices. When creating a label, it is worth using Eco solutions. Wrap the jars in brown paper and then label your Eco Spice Stickers with a marker.

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