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What program should you use to design wedding vignettes? Discover free programs

W jakim programie zaprojektować winietki ślubne? Poznaj darmowe programy

Adrian Koźlik |

Did you know that... The most expensive wedding took place at a specially built stadium in Dubai for Shiek's son. The wedding cost over £22 million.

winietki ślubne A wedding is a beautiful ceremony as important as the reception immediately after it. As you can see, some of them are filled with opulence, but there are also modest weddings that are as beautiful as lavish ones.

A beautiful arrangement of decorations is, contrary to appearances, a very important element of the ceremony. It puts your guests in a special mood and allows you to enjoy it on your big day. However, weddings often involve certain costs, so to save money it is worth looking for ways to make some decorations yourself. Wedding cards and all stationery can be designed easily and free of charge using publicly available programs.

Original stationery - how to match all the elements together?

It is important that all decorative elements match each other and have the same style. They don't have to be the same, but it is worth making sure that some details are similar.

Wedding vignettes, invitations, wedding menus and other accessories with a floral accent will be perfect for boho parties. Stationery decorated with gold and sequins will perfectly reflect the mood of weddings organized in the New Year. Looking for something rustic? Print your wedding cards on brown kraft paper and enjoy the aesthetic and unique appearance of your decorations. If you have an elegant, modern and minimalist wedding theme, look no further than rectangular wedding vignettes.

It's the little things that bring the wedding design scheme together in a cohesive way. When deciding which wedding cards are right for your wedding, look for options that work well with the venue and wedding menu.

Free programs for designing wedding cards

Unleash your sense of creativity and design your own wedding vignettes . Use one of these free programs.


You've probably heard about this program before. It is easy to use and very intuitive, so it will allow you to quickly and conveniently design your wedding cards .

winietki ślubne Vistacreate

This is another free program very similar to Canva, it will also help you design stationery in a simple and effective way.


It is slightly different from the others mentioned here, but it has many templates for invitations, wedding cards and other wedding accessories. To make your wedding cards complete and look aesthetically pleasing, it is worth purchasing decorative paper in various colors and styles, as well as a printer that will cleanly and a quick way to print graphics on your wedding vignettes without worrying about color saturation.

Here are some of our suggestions that may inspire you.

  • Flat wedding vignettes - Simple but effective, these colorful, flat wedding vignettes will be an elegant addition to any wedding table.
  • Wedding vignettes with a vintage motif - perfect for weddings in this style. The classic style of elegant fonts and frames will perfectly match your vision.
  • Wedding cards with flowers and - you can create your own floral graphics or order paper with such a print and then put the names of your guests on it.
  • Wedding cards with caricatures - it requires a little more work, but it will definitely be an unforgettable gift for the participants. Many of these free programs allow you to create your own characters, which will certainly make it easier to recreate the image of your guests.
  • Vignettes with transparent paper - play with the types of paper! You can apply your graphics on paper and then combine them with other decorative elements.
  • Rustic Wedding Place Cards - If you're planning to get married in a barn or on a farm, these rustic place cards will complement your dinner tables. Lace flowers and a wood grain pattern adorn the design, and your loved one's name is written in a classic font.

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