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How to hang a hammock on a tree? We give you a hint!

Jak zawiesić hamak na drzewie? Podpowiadamy!

Tomasz Woźniak |

A hammock is a great thing for evening relaxation after an intense day. However, for effective rest, before purchasing, you should pay attention to several factors that have a huge impact on the use of the hammock . In this article, we will present the types of garden hammocks , places to hang them and how to take a moment for yourself while traveling.

Types of hammocks

Due to how we want to use the garden hammock , before purchasing it, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the types available on the market. Below are the most popular customer choices.


If you want to rest after a long day, it is worth choosing a garden hammock. They are made of durable materials that are resistant to weather conditions. There are also many garden models adapted to the type of mounting, here are some of them:


This is a traditional variant of a hammock that needs to be attached to poles or trees at both ends. It is difficult to enter, but we sink more, which ensures greater safety in use.

With the crossbar

It is a type of hammock in which there are crossbars at both ends of the material. Thanks to this solution, the material is constantly taut, which prevents it from collapsing inward. This type of garden hammock does not restrict our movements.


Thanks to its open structure, the rope hammock is becoming more and more popular. Perfect for the beach or swimming pool, where breathability is crucial for comfortable use.


Perfect for traveling thanks to its small size, it will fit into any backpack. Unlike classic hammocks , they have practical mounting systems. These are often nylon hammocks . They can also be used as protection against rain or as a spare cover.



A Brazilian hammock , more often called a hammock chair, is the perfect choice if you like to swing. It also differs in that it is the only one that allows you to rest in a semi-reclining position.

Double and family


This type of garden hammock is more often called a rocking bed, thanks to its dimensions. They are made very solidly, so it can accommodate more than one person. This is an ideal solution for a larger family.

Hammock with mosquito net 

This type of hammock is often chosen for forest hikes. A hammock with a mosquito net effectively protects against mosquitoes and other undesirable insects. It will also be useful at home, when you prefer to spend time in a hammock late in the evenings.

Types of materials

One of the key aspects that you need to consider before buying the perfect hammock is the material from which it is made, so that the use is as comfortable and as long as possible.

Parachute silk

It is an exceptionally light, strong and quick-drying material. This hammock is perfect for hiking, but remember that it is not as airy as the cotton option.


This is the most frequently chosen material when purchasing a hammock . Created for long relaxation. They are airy, so they are an ideal option on warm days, but they require more care. A cotton hammock is not sufficiently resistant to moisture, so it must be washed more often and stored in a dry place.


It is a very durable material, so it will be a good choice for outdoor use. They do not require much use, so a polyester hammock will be an ideal choice for people who require minimal maintenance. It is worth remembering that polyester is less permeable than cotton and may be less soft to the touch.

How to hang a garden hammock ?

In order to use the hammock properly, it is worth paying attention to several aspects that are necessary for proper installation.

Two solid attachment points

Find two solid points to attach your hammock to. These can be poles, trees or a special hammock stand. The distance between the points should be between 3-5 meters depending on the length of the hammock .

Ropes and belts

Attach ropes or straps to posts or around trees at a height of 1.5 meters. Adjust it to your preferences. Make sure they are solid and secure. The ropes should be tied so that the hammock hangs at an angle of approximately 30 degrees from the horizontal for comfort and stability.


Before use, check that all mountings are strong and stable to avoid unnecessary falls. Be especially careful when children are to use the hammock . Remember not to hang your hammock too high above the ground and avoid places exposed to strong winds or other hazards.

To sum up, when choosing a hammock that will meet all your needs, you must determine its type and material so that using it is pure pleasure and that it can serve you for many years. When assembling a hammock , safety is the most important thing. Make sure the mountings are solid and stable and the height is appropriate.


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