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How to organize the perfect picnic?

Jak zorganizować idealny piknik?

Adrian Koźlik |

When the sun comes out and it gets really warm, we want to spend as much time outside as possible. So from spring, all summer and even until the beginning of autumn, we can organize picnics. Nowadays, most people focus on barbecuing, but what if we went back to the old traditions and organized ordinary picnics on a blanket? It's worth taking care of food and snacks, but don't let it be the main theme. Let's also remember about attractions so that the time spent together is a great opportunity to have fun together.

Take care of the perfect place

First, choose a place where you would like to picnic. There is nothing better than spending time in nature. You can organize it in many places, on the beach, in the forest, in the park, by the lake, in a clearing and even in your own garden. All you need is a piece of greenery. Let's make sure the ground is dry or buy a waterproof picnic blanket. If it's really hot on the day of the picnic, take a sun umbrella with you or choose a shaded place so that the picnic doesn't turn into a sunbath.

What to take to eat?

Let's focus on simple and easy-to-eat snacks. The best ones are ones that you can eat with your hands. Let's choose skewers, salads, buns, muffins, tarts, sandwiches, rolls, fresh fruit and vegetables. It is worth packing these items in plastic containers so that they do not get damaged during transport. Let's give up sweets with chocolate, it may melt, we can replace them with salty snacks such as breadsticks, nuts or chips. You can prepare dips and hummus with fresh vegetables. It is worth avoiding wet ingredients such as chopped tomatoes or cucumbers so that our meals do not get soggy quickly. You can easily replace them with cherry tomatoes. Take plenty of water with you to drink, but avoid sweet juices and carbonated drinks. They don't quench your thirst like water, and they can spill and stain things, making everything sticky. A picnic is associated with a wicker basket full of delicacies, but if you want, you can use a tourist fridge. You can arrange in the shade of trees jak zorganizować piknik a truly delicious encounter.

Safe and clean

It is worth remembering about the ecological dishes we use. Let's go for paper plates and cups. And cutlery is best made of wood. They are not heavy, certainly more ecological than plastic ones. They will take up much less space than glass dishes. Let's also stock up on towel paper and wet wipes to feel clean and comfortable. We should also put a garbage bag in our picnic luggage to clean up all the garbage after the picnic. Let's take care of the environment, nature and cleanliness.

Attractions and ideas for spending time

It is worth preparing attractions so that the picnic does not end only with lying down and eating. Take a ball, badminton rackets, cards and chess with you. Outdoor activity is very healthy and has a positive effect on our well-being. When we go on a picnic alone, to rest and relax, it is worth taking a book to while away the time.

Take care of your child's comfort

When we take children on a picnic or they will be our guests, let's also take care of them. Children often get bored, so let's take them with appropriate board games, coloring books, a ball or come up with some fun activities. They will have a lot of fun playing hide and seek or tag. So that they are satisfied and have fun and want to take part in such events more often. Children's meals may also be different from those offered to adults. So it's worth adding something to your cart for them.

Or maybe a company picnic?

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to do something for your employees, you want to show them that you care about them and integrate more. Organize a company picnic for them. Companies often decide to organize company or family picnics . It is worth using the services of agencies dealing with such events. This is such a large event, more people are invited to it, that every detail must be refined.

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