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How to wrap alcohol as a gift? 4 proven ways

Jak zapakować alkohol na prezent? 4 sprawdzone sposoby

Adrian Koźlik |

When you want to give a gift to a person, it is sometimes not easy to choose the right thing for him. It all depends on the preferences of the birthday person. So what to do when we don't quite know what to give? The best way is to buy your favorite alcohol. Good whisky, wine or even vodka will be perfect as a gift. It will work both as an addition and as the main thing for the birthday boy. Relationship or wedding anniversary? You certainly have to celebrate it with good alcohol! It is also worth taking care of the bottle packaging ! Below are some ways to do this.

3 packs of alcohol

Paper bag for alcohol. Cheap but spectacular packaging

alcohol bag One of the main methods of packaging alcohol as a gift is paper. Both decorative and cellophane paper will look nice. Just wrap the bottle in paper and, for example, tape it so that it does not unroll. It's also a good idea to add a ribbon or bow to the whole look. This will give elegance and emphasize originality. Another idea for packing a bottle is to buy a paper bag for alcohol . You can get it at a really low price and it will work great. They are available on the market in many colors, materials and dimensions. It is also possible to order a personalized bag. It usually costs a little more, but it is definitely worth the price. Especially if we want the gift recipient to like it even more.

Wooden alcohol boxes

More and more often, you can see that people are more willing to choose wooden boxes when they want to give someone alcohol. This is a good solution because the box can be reused for e.g. storing small things. You can easily place them in many places in the house and arrange it. There are many designs and colors of boxes on the market. Some people may think that alcohol is a trite gift idea. Thanks to the wooden box, it will become truly unique. Additionally, the center can be lined with hay or colored tissue paper.

Cardboard packaging

Wooden boxes are relatively expensive. After all, it is real wood, so no wonder. However, if we have a limited budget for a gift, it is worth considering a cardboard box . It is a good alternative to those made of wood. They are also resistant and you don't have to worry that the packaging will be damaged due to the weight of the bottle. There are several types of material from which they are made. The most popular is a box made of flat cardboard. The surface has no decorations, only an optional print. This is a very classic version. The second one, definitely more eye-catching, is the one with corrugated cardboard. It has strips of recesses along or across. It may also have a print. The person receiving the gift will certainly appreciate such packaging.

Shipping bottles

Sometimes it happens that our loved ones or friends live really far from us. We don't have much opportunity to deliver the gift in person. To show that we have not forgotten about them, it is worth deciding to send the items by courier or post. What should you do to be one hundred percent sure that the shipment will not be damaged during transport? For this you need to buy bubble wrap. A properly wrapped bottle will certainly not be damaged. An equally good method of protection is a plastic cushion filled with air, the shape of which fits perfectly into the bottle. It has a closed top, which prevents the contents from falling out.

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