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How to organize an outdoor cinema in your own garden? Step by step guide

Jak zorganizować kino plenerowe we własnym ogródku? Poradnik krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

An outdoor cinema in the garden or on the terrace is a great idea for spending free time on a warm summer evening with friends or family. Such a cinema will also be a great attraction for children during the holidays. This is a great opportunity to watch your favorite movie or TV series marathon together. Before preparing an outdoor cinema, it is worth planning a few things that will be necessary during such an attraction. What should you take care of?

How to organize an outdoor cinema?

The right place

The first thing we should think carefully about is the place we choose. If we have a lot of space in the garden, let's organize a cinema there. If we live in an apartment, we do not have to give up this idea. A terrace cinema will also work great on a larger terrace or balcony. It is worth remembering to check the weather forecast so that we are not surprised by summer rain or storm. If we have a gazebo or a roof in the garden, we can use it, then even rain is not afraid of us.

Make sure the display is correct

The next choice will fall on the projector. If we have a projector and a screen adapted for this purpose, all we need to do is move it outside and connect it in the garden using an extension cord. However, if we do not have a screen, use the wall of our house, garage or barn if it is white. Another idea might be to find a white sheet, throw or large piece of fabric. Let's attach the corners in four places and it's ready. It all depends on the number of people we will host. The more, the bigger the screen should be so that everyone can see what is displayed on it. If the cinema takes place on a small balcony with just two people as a romantic date, it will work well kino plenerowe laptop.

Important sound system

Movies often use really great music and sound effects. It's worth moving good quality speakers or a wireless speaker. So that each participant can hear well and not guess what the characters are saying.

Comfortable seats

This is the basis of a successful outdoor cinema. During such a movie or even a marathon, we will spend several hours sitting and watching. Let's make sure that our guests are comfortable. We can use wooden deckchairs, which are very comfortable and stable. If you want softness and want to lie down more comfortably, prepare a pouffe bag . It is very comfortable and resistant to dirt and moisture. We can also use garden furniture that we already have. Let's put pillows on them to make it comfortable. Even a blanket placed on the ground and pillows can provide additional seating. Let's prepare or ask friends to take blankets with them, summer evenings can be cool and we don't want to be cold.

Outdoor cinema lighting

The cinema should be dark to better focus on the film. We choose evening and night for outdoor cinema, but it should not be completely dark. Let's organize or make handmade paper lanterns into which a light bulb can be inserted. Light bulbs will also work well as they can be easily connected to a previously prepared extension cord. You can also use candles, they will look beautiful and create a unique atmosphere.

Snacks and drinks

For such an occasion, let's prepare a table with tasty snacks that do not require heating. They should also be suitable for eating with your hands. Mini tortillas, salad, tart, sandwiches, fruit, salty snacks such as breadsticks, chips and, of course, popcorn will work well. Sweets will also be a good idea, in the evening the sun is not shining and it is not so hot, so nothing will melt. We can choose chocolates, muffins, cakes or candies. And we know that everyone likes to snack on something during a screening. Drinks should also be adapted to the weather. If it's really hot and stuffy, they should be cooled down, suggest water rather than sweet, carbonated, sticky drinks. When the evening is cold, let's prepare warm tea or coffee for our guests. If we feel like it on a cooler evening, we can quickly light a fire nearby and roast tasty sausages. The best solution for serving snacks will be disposable plates, cutlery and cups. There will be no need to wash everything off in the morning. All you need is a garbage bag and throw everything away, sorting it first, of course.

Organizing such a cinema is not a big undertaking and does not require a lot of time and money. All you need is good organization and the help of friends, and we will organize an outdoor cinema quickly and efficiently.

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