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Deckchairs with a print - as a gadget for business events? Discover 5 advantages

Leżaki z nadrukiem- jako gadżet na eventy biznesowe? Poznaj 5 zalet

Adrian Koźlik |

When organizing an outdoor event, you not only have to find the right place and provide attractions for the participants, but most importantly you have to choose a place where they can sit and relax. A deckchair with your company's logo printed on it may be a perfect idea. It will work well at an event, serving both an advertising and practical function. It will attract the attention of a potential customer.

5 advantages of choosing deckchairs with a print


Durable and waterproof Oxford Adventure material is used to produce the lounger . Thanks to this, it will serve us for a long time. It is resistant to dirt, damage, mechanical damage and weather conditions. It is pleasant to the touch and does not crease. Therefore, it fits perfectly as a seat at events and outdoor events. It is economical and resistant to intensive use. However, if something unexpected happens and the material on the deckchair is damaged or the printed graphics are no longer current, it is enough to replace just the sheet without having to replace the entire deckchair.


The advertising deckchair is very comfortable, so it is perfect as a place to rest and relax. It is positively associated with rest, blissful laziness, holidays and beautiful weather. This does not mean that it can only be used on the beach. A deckchair with a print will also work great in rooms, halls, bars, cafes, ski slopes and, of course, on the beach and outdoors. By using an advertising deckchair, our brand will become very recognizable and will be associated in a positive way. lezaki z nadrukiem


Thanks to the large printing area, we have no limitations in planning the printing. The entire surface of the sheet can be used and printed. A larger area means greater opportunities to present your offer. You can put your logo or graphics on it in full color. It will become a great tool to promote the brand and support advertising campaigns. Thanks to solid materials, it can be used for a long time.


A wooden deckchair with a print is low cost compared to wooden or plastic chairs. Even when ordering an individual and large print, the cost is not high. Please remember that it is not used once, but will serve us for a long time, we can use it for several events.


Advertising deckchairs are perfect for business events, they can be printed with company advertising elements, making them a mobile advertisement. It is light and moving it is not a problem. After the event, we can offer them to clients or contractors so that they can take them home and use them privately. After the meeting, contractors can use the deckchairs in their companies as a corner for clients to rest for a while. By creating a comfort corner where the waiting customer can rest, relax and drink coffee, his waiting time will not be long.

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