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How to make chains for a Christmas tree? Step by step

Jak zrobić łańcuchy na choinkę? Krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

Did you know that... The longest paper Christmas tree chain in Poland measured 151 km and 930 meters and was made in 3 months by over 1,500 people! Children still make paper Christmas tree chains during the holidays. It is a beautiful tradition that appeared in Poland at the beginning of the 20th century. Just like any other Christmas decoration , a chain on a Christmas tree has its mysterious symbolism passed down from generation to generation.

Symbolism of the Christmas tree chain.

łańcuch choinkowy Over the years, the Christmas chain has gained new and new symbolic meaning. It depended on the period he was currently in. Over time, new techniques for making Christmas chains were created and various materials began to be used.

  • In the past, it was believed that the Christmas tree brought home was actually stolen from another world, i.e. the forest, and to "tame" it, it was decorated with chains . It had a ritual meaning and included the Christmas tree in the "homely reality"
  • The Christmas tree chain is also a symbol of the ladder connecting earth with heaven. For this reason, the chains were made as long as possible so that there would be no shortage of rungs to paradise.
  • Christmas is a time spent with family, and interestingly, the chain is also a symbol of understanding. Prepared together with loved ones, it symbolizes the unity and indissolubility of the family.
  • The Christmas tree chain is a sign of martyrdom and slavery. During the partitions, it was hung on Christmas trees as a sign of the enslavement of Polish lands by the occupiers. The Christmas tree was a symbol of a nation in chains.

Some saw him as a tempting snake, others saw him as a family bond. In some regions, because of its golden straw color, it meant wealth, happiness and abundance! What does it symbolize in your home?

Original paper Christmas tree chain. Make it yourself!

How to make a Christmas tree chain out of paper? This is the most associated with the holidays and also the simplest Christmas tree chain .

To make it, you will need glue, colored paper and scissors.

Step 1 . Cut narrow strips of approximately equal width
Step 2. Create the first stitch by gluing one strip on both sides
Step 3 . Fold each strip over itself alternately.
Step 4 . Finally, glue the ends together again.

łańcuch choinkowy Get to know eco solutions.

  • Christmas tree chain made of orange, bay leaves and cinnamon. Dry the oranges, then thread the slices with cinnamon sticks and a bay leaf onto a thick thread. The chain on the Christmas tree will look unique and will also add a festive scent to the entire house.
  • Use bow pasta - color it and tie it at an equal distance with string. Such an intricately prepared chain will work well for Christmas trees with minimalist decorations.
  • Collect the pine cones, then thread them onto the string and hang them on the Christmas tree. Make an atmospheric decoration for a minimum of money.
  • Sweets quickly disappear from the Christmas tree during the holidays. Use them to make a candy chain for the Christmas tree.

Creating a Christmas tree chain is great fun! Make it with your loved ones and enjoy the unique decoration of your Christmas tree.

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