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How to make an eco-friendly paper Advent calendar? Take care of our planet

Jak zrobić ekologiczny kalendarz adwentowy z papieru? Zadbaj o naszą planetę

Adrian Koźlik |

Do you know that…
The first Advent calendar ever produced was created in 1851 and was completely handmade. Advent is a time of waiting for Christmas. Many of us eagerly dream of Christmas with family, accompanied by Christmas carols and with warm seasonal tea in hand. However, before this happens, we still have a lot of preparations to make this time more enjoyable, it is worth thinking about an Advent calendar.

The Advent calendar is a beautiful tradition that has been with us for generations. Unfortunately, Christmas time often turns into a race between competing companies, regardless of the condition of our planet and the ecology of the products they offer. This Christmas, do something good for our environment and take care of it in this difficult time!

Eco Advent Calendar - do it yourself!

kalendarz adwentowy There are several ways to create a traditional Advent calendar that will allow you to be Eco this winter, zero waste is easier than you think! See our step-by-step guide.
You will need: 24 paper bags, colored paper, decorations, marker, scissors, string, tape, and a place to hang the Advent calendar.

  • Step 1. Decorate 24 paper bags with colorful Christmas patterns and put the numbers 1 to 24 on them with a marker.
  • Step 2. Put small zero waste gifts in them.
  • Step 3. Seal the bags.
  • Step 4. Hang 4 rows of string in the selected place.
  • Step 5. Place 6 bags in one row in a different order. Stick them with tape or use a stapler.
  • Step 6. The Advent calendar is ready! Enjoy the countdown to the holidays!

Buy jute bags and enjoy an Advent calendar that will last many winters! You can put new items in the bags every year to break up the routine!

Zero waste gifts.

You're probably wondering what zero waste gifts are. The idea of ​​"zero waste" is mainly to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum after or even during use of products. Here are some ideas.

  • Sweets - we are sure that there will be nothing sweet left in Advent calendars during the holidays, so it is worth considering this zero waste idea.
  • Christmas incense and candles - put candles with seasonal scents in each window and enjoy the atmospheric surroundings of the scent of cinnamon and cookies.
  • Spice mixtures - put a set of spices in the Advent calendar bag and attach cards explaining what they can be spiced with or in what recipe they can be used in.

Eco Advent calendars at your fingertips.

kalendarz adwentowy Fortunately, some companies have taken care of the environment to heart and offer Eco Advent calendars . They are made of biodegradable materials and are filled with zero-waste ecological products. We can find Advent calendars with teas for every day, but not only that! Many cosmetics included in the calendars have packaging that can then be recycled. In these cases, many Advent calendars ensure that even the decorative ribbon is made of 100% recycled materials.

For gardening fans , an Advent calendar with seeds will be perfect, and for fans of salty snacks for movie nights, we offer calendars with small packets of popcorn in various flavors!
The youngest will certainly enjoy the sweets, but why not also add small cardboard figures to assemble to stimulate their imagination.

Want to learn more about Eco solutions? Take a look at our other entries.

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