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How to make crochet Christmas tree decorations? Step by step

Jak zrobić ozdoby choinkowe na szydełku? Krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

Do you know that…

The longest crochet chain is 130 km long! In 2008, a French woman, Anne Vanier-Drüssel, devoted 5 months of work to create this stunning monument. Crochet is a great hobby for anyone interested in clothing, fabric and design. You don't have to break a world record right away, but it can be a fun, creative and very rewarding activity. Use your skills and create unique Christmas decorations .

The story of the mysterious hook.

crochet decorations for the holidays The word crochet comes from French and literally means hook. However, to learn about how modern crocheting fully developed, we should go back to the times of rural towns, where shepherds grazed their flocks nearby. It was they who began to use triangular pieces of wood with a hook at the end to create carpets, baskets and even Christmas tree decorations .

In the late 1970s, crochet became very famous, especially in America. Grandma's squares, as the elements used to create unique patterns were called, attracted the attention of the society of those years. They also contributed to revolutionizing the fashion market.

And what is it like now?

Crocheting is constantly developing, and over the years the number of publications on this technique and blogs where you can find crochet patterns have increased significantly. On the Internet, it provides us with patterns of clothes, handbags and even Christmas tree decorations ! Additionally, we can often find crochet accents in fashion nowadays. In 2020, a huge wave of interest in crocheting was caused by Harry Styles' concert, or rather his sweater from the JW collection. Anderson. Additionally, many winter collections are inspired by crocheted patterns.

How to start crocheting? Learn the basics!

Crocheting isn't difficult! Use them to de-stress or unwind after a hard day's work. Over time, you will be able to use your products as decorations, clothing, and even Christmas tree decorations . To learn crochet, at the beginning you will need: a crochet hook, yarn and a notebook or notebook. The most important thing is to master the chain, then double crochets and half crochets. Take help from someone who crochets - it will allow you to acquire knowledge faster. If you don't have someone like that, no worries, you can learn to crochet yourself!

We present a video that contains all the basic information and messages that will allow you to learn this skill.

Crochet Christmas tree decorations - Do it yourself!

crochet Christmas tree decorations Crocheting your own decorations is a great way to start a handmade holiday tradition. Learn a step-by-step guide on how to create simple crochet Christmas tree decorations .

Christmas tree decorations are quite forgiving when it comes to yarn selection, so you can use any type.

  • 1. Christmas trees with pompoms

Extremely original and easy to make Christmas trees to hang. To make them, you only need to know the basic weaves (chain, single crochet, wound single crochet, slip crochet). Christmas tree pendants made with 3 mm crochet are approx. 13 cm.

  • 2. Snowflake

A slightly more difficult pattern, however, will be perfect as a Christmas tree decoration and will delight your guests and other household members.

  • 3. Christmas tree chain

Create a unique chain and use it as a Christmas tree decoration or as decoration for your interior!

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