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How to make Christmas tree decorations out of paper? Step by step

Jak zrobić ozdoby choinkowe z papieru? Krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

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The custom of decorating trees for Christmas dates back to pre-Christian times, but decorating trees for Christmas came to us relatively recently. At the beginning, many homes made their own Christmas tree decorations from straw, blown eggs, and even pine cones or nuts. In the 20th century, people started buying sweets to decorate Christmas trees. Additionally, there were intricately decorated glass baubles and the so-called angel hair, i.e. long strips of various colors. Today, we have a lot of Christmas decorations to choose from in specific colors and shapes, thanks to which our Christmas trees are beautifully decorated.

Symbolism of Christmas tree decorations.

ozdoby choinkowe Each Christmas tree decoration has its own individual meaning, they are mainly related to tradition. Here are a few of them.

  • Bauble

A bauble is a Christmas tree decoration that symbolizes the continuity of life. Before Christmas, we can see baubles decorated in many ways.

  • Bird

Each of us remembers the scene from "Kevin Alone in New York" when he buys two birds in a store and gives them to the pigeon keeper at the end of the movie. The bird as a Christmas tree decoration is a symbol of happiness and joy and are messengers of peace and love.

  • Apple

Paradise apples hung on the Christmas tree were supposed to bring beauty and health, but also health, life and love. We rarely see live apples hanging on Christmas trees, because artificial or fruit-like decorations are more often chosen.

  • Christmas tree spike

The top of the Christmas tree symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, which led the Three Kings to the stable. Additionally, this Christmas tree decoration was intended to ensure that household members returned home safely.

Christmas tree decorations – Do it yourself!

  • Christmas tree chain

Due to its simplicity, this unique Christmas tree decoration does not require much skill and also looks beautiful on the tree. Just stick thicker strips of paper together to create a chain. See our blog post and learn other methods!

  • Christmas tree decorations made of salt dough

Prepare the salt dough by pouring a glass of flour, half a glass of salt into a bowl and adding water so that the salt dough forms easily. Then make a circle shape with a glass and decorate it as you wish. You can then wait 2 days for the mixture to dry on its own or place it in an oven at 50-75 degrees for about an hour.

  • Paper Christmas baubles

Cut out 3 circles of different sizes and colors, then glue them together and use the ribbon to make pendants.

  • 3D snowball made of paper

An original-looking paper snowball will decorate your Christmas tree in the right way. Watch this short video and delight your loved ones.

  • ozdoby choinkowe Take care of your Christmas tree decorations and learn how to store them.

Any cardboard box filled with cotton wool or old newspapers can be used to protect your Christmas decorations . However, you can also find other suggestions on the Internet. One of the most interesting is a container for Christmas tree decorations . It is available in various variants with separate compartments. Plastic and also made of fabric, they look aesthetically pleasing and do not take up much space, safely storing Christmas tree decorations.

You can also make such a container yourself. Just put the prepared cardboard boxes with glued cups into a plastic container with a lid, which will serve as dividers.

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