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What marking stickers can you buy for packaging?

Jakie naklejki oznaczeniowe można kupić na opakowania?

Adrian Koźlik |

In the e-commerce industry, not only the goods we send, but also their safe transport, play a huge role. The customer must be convinced that when ordering products from the store, he will receive them intact.

In other cases, we have to take into account complaints or negative comments.

How can we secure the goods during shipping?

  • -Let's make sure that the goods are properly packaged, adjusted in size to what our customer orders.
  • - Let's secure the goods with a sufficient amount of bubble wrap or other filling that will protect the products against shifting during transport and deformation of the package.
  • - Protect loose or liquid products from spilling or falling apart in the package.
  • - Let's mark the packages appropriately. We can use stickers for this purpose.

What are marking stickers?

A sticker , as the name suggests, is a small label that we stick to the outside of the package. It is information that can be addressed both to the customer and to the courier or sorting plant.

Thanks to the use of such markings, the shipped parcels will be treated appropriately by the transport company. The risk of damage during transport will be significantly reduced. This will increase customer satisfaction who will receive the ordered products intact.

What types of stickers can we distinguish?

The stickers we put on parcels are universal. This means that regardless of whether we use them for Polish or foreign parcels, they will be understandable to transport companies.

Due to their purpose, we can talk about stickers:

  • - INFORMATION - these usually constitute a message to the recipient of the parcel. An example is a label about opening the parcel carefully or about the need to check its condition in front of the courier.
  • - DIRECTIONAL - they represent, for example, arrows that show the position in which the package should be placed. This is related to goods that may spill or fall apart during frequent rotation. This sends a message to both the customer and the courier.
  • - WARNING - this is one of the most frequently used types of stickers. They contain information about the transportation of parcels and how to move them.

naklejki oznaczeniowe Below are some examples of warning stickers:

  • KEEP DRY , i.e. a package that must be kept away from moisture, because it may adversely affect its contents.
  • FRAGILE , i.e. fragile content. This is a warning not to move the package and handle it gently.
  • DANGER or DANGEROUS PRODUCTS is a label that warns the carrier that the products in the package may be, for example, flammable and must be handled carefully.
  • CAUTION GLASS , i.e. as in the FRAGILE example, this is information that there is glass in the package and you need to be careful when moving or throwing it.

Where can I get marking stickers?

These types of markings are not available in regular stores, but it is worth looking for them in more specialized ones. Online stores are a good base for this type of products. Yet another budget solution may be to print labels from the Internet.

All we need is a suitable printer and we can easily mark our packages.

What to pay attention to when purchasing?

  • - First of all, the size of the stickers - they should be adjusted to the dimensions of our parcels, so as not to cover the actual label, but at the same time, so that they are visible to the transport company.
  • - Good quality workmanship so that they do not wear out or get damaged.
  • - A layer of glue that adheres tightly to the surface of cartons or foil wraps so that they do not peel off during transport.

As you can see, there are many possibilities, and using such stickers can only help in the safe transportation of our parcels.

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